Is Levi Dead? Did Nicholas Gonzalez Leave La Brea?

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NBC’s ‘La Brea’ is a sci-fi drama that follows the story of a group of people who fall through a sinkhole in LA. They travel to 10,000 BC and find ways to survive in the prehistoric era. The main story revolves around the Harris family, and the drama centers on Eve’s fractured relationship with Gavin, her husband, who has a strange connection to the events happening in the past. There were several reasons behind Eve and Gavin’s separation, and Gavin’s best friend, Levi, played a role in it.

His romance with Eve caused a lot of tension in the family, especially in Season 2 when Gavin and Izzy also arrive in 10,000 BC. By Season 3, Levi’s role changes completely in the show. Instead of just being a part of the love triangle, he becomes more involved in trying to save his friends but has to pay a huge price for that by the end of his journey. SPOILERS AHEAD

Levi Meets a Tragic Fate Before La Brea Finale

Image Credits: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

If there is one character who has been through the most ups and downs, especially in the matter of heartbreaks, in ‘La Brea,’ it is Levi. First, he falls in love with Eve, with whom he has a brief affair that eventually comes to a definitive end when Eve chooses to be with her family and goes back to 10,000 BC, leaving Levi in 1988. There, he turns over a new leaf, meets the love of his life, and has a daughter. But all of that is taken away from him, and he finds himself back in 10,000 BC, this time dedicated to the cause of completely dismantling the whole time travel project.

In the penultimate episode of ‘La Brea’ Season 3, it is revealed that Levi had been working for the organization behind the time travel project since his return to 10,000 BC. However, he tells Scott that he had been working undercover, trying to win their trust so he knew how to bring them down once and for all. His position allows him to figure out what happened to Eve. It turns out that she is being held captive, and Levi figures out the location. But before he can rescue her, he meets Maya Schmidt’s forces on the way, who were sent to kill Gavin and his friends. In trying to save them, Levi ends up getting shot by one of the soldiers and takes a bullet to the chest.

Levi had been shot before, and he had survived, but this time, the wound is deadly. It hits him right on the heart, and he bleeds out. But before that, he tells Gavin and Izzy about Eve and where to find her. By doing this, he redeems himself, and Gavin, who had fallen out with him since the truth about Levi and Eve’s affair came to light, forgives him in his final moments. Levi dies on the spot, leaving Gavin and his friends with a way to reunite their family and go back home once and for all.

Levi’s Arc Comes to a Fitting End

Image Credits: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

Levi had always been a central character in the story of ‘La Brea,’ and while, at first, he seemed reduced to the role of the man who cheated his best friend by falling in love with his wife, he soon proves himself much more nuanced than that. The second season resolved the love triangle, with Eve choosing to stay with her family and work on her marriage with Gavin, leaving behind Levi in the 1988 timeline. But that doesn’t mean the end of the road for him.

Levi returns to 10,000 BC, having been through some tough times on his own. Because he has been through a different experience now, his intentions have changed. His core, however, remains the same. He still cares for Gavin and his family, whom he treats like his own. Still, considering everything, especially that his family from 1988 was taken away from him, it feels like Levi doesn’t have much to go back to. Even if he returns to the 2020s, his family wouldn’t be the same. Moreover, he still has the blemish of betraying Gavin, and the only redemption for him is to help Gavin save Eve and get his family back to the 2020s. With all this in mind, it is fair to say that Levi received a fitting redemption arc in ‘La Brea.’

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