La Brea Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: The Return

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NBC’s sci-fi drama, ‘La Brea’ takes a step towards unraveling some mysteries while also posing more questions about the fate of the characters in the fifth episode of its second season. It also brings back a key character from the past, which creates more ground for conflict between the characters. It pushes the element of time travel even further, and there are callbacks to the characters from the first season who didn’t seem that important back then. Now, however, it looks like they might have been important in the way everything turned out for the people who ended up in 10,000 BC through the LA sinkhole. Here is a look at the events in this episode and what they mean for the future of the show. SPOILERS AHEAD!

La Brea Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

Against Eve’s wishes, Gavin decides to go back to James to find out more about his plan to fix the time machine which can take them back to their timeline. On the way, he meets Levi who has returned from 1998, ten years after he was left behind by Gavin and his family. Levi reveals that sinkholes still continue to occur and have caused a massive problem for people in the future. He figured that the virus that Caroline planned to upload to the machine wouldn’t have worked, so he came back to help them with it.

Levi is in for a surprise when he discovers that Gavin is ready to work with his father. Back at the clearing, the arrival of Taamet and the Exiles is anticipated after Scott reveals the secret he had been hiding. Sam leads a group of people to look for Taamet in the woods while the rest stay behind to keep watch and protect themselves from the attack which is right around the corner. Izzy and Josh, meanwhile, argue about their father going back to James and how it could or couldn’t backfire on them.

Despite being told that Taamet is the real danger, Lucas can’t help but shake the feeling that Virgil had something to do with it. His suspicions are proven correct when Virgil is put in charge of the watch and he sends a signal to the Exiles inviting them to attack the clearing. Meanwhile, Veronica and Ella figure out that the Exiles are looking for the notebook that Aaron had and was buried with. Later, it turns out to be the same notebook that belonged to Dr. Moore.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 10 Ending: Why Does Levi Want to Kill James?

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When Levi was left behind in 1988, it looked like his part in the story had come to an end. Despite his love for Eve and his bond with the Harris family, he decided to stay back rather than follow them to 10,000 BC. For ten years, he lived in the future. Even though it was not his own timeline, he adapted. Realizing that the problem of the sinkholes was still there, he got himself into the government program aimed at stopping the sinkholes. He also met a woman named Marissa, fell in love with her, and married her. But when she died, he decided to jump back in time and finish what she’d started.

This is the story that Levi tells Gavin when they reunite. Levi says that he is there to help Gavin and the others. However, when he meets Eve at the end of the episode, he reveals that his plan is entirely different. He has come back to the past to kill James. There are a lot of questions that we still have about Levi’s return to 10,000 BC but it is easier to explain why he has made it his mission to kill James. The episode gives us enough material to show that Levi is not the only want who would like James to not tinker with the timelines anymore.

While Levi may have hidden the truth about his mission from Gavin, we can assume that a lot of things he told him might be true. At the beginning of the episode, we see him enter 10,000 BC through a portal, not a sinkhole. This portal appears out of nowhere, which means that it was made by someone. Hence, it is likely that Levi really is working with the government, or some other organization studying time travel. They must have sent him into the past, considering that he has been there before and already has connections, making it easier for everyone to trust him and even support him in his quest.

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

It is possible that the people whom Levi is working with have come to the same conclusion as Caroline. They believe that James’ time travel project is harmful to the entire world, and the only way to stop the death and destruction caused by the sinkholes is to shut down the main portal once and for all. They might also have figured that James wouldn’t make it easy for them to do so. Even if they succeed in shutting it down, there is a chance that James will build another and continue to wreak havoc. So, the best solution is to kill James and remove the problem at its root.

It is also possible that along with this motive, Levi also has something more personally attached to it. He mentions Marissa, the woman he fell in love with and married. He doesn’t reveal how she died, but he says that he came here to finish what she started. It is possible that Marissa is somehow connected to James. Considering that people from the future are known to have settled down in the 80s, it is possible that Marissa was one of the lead scientists on the project and sided with Caroline when she and James parted ways.

There is also reason to believe that James might somehow have been involved in Marissa’s death. He has a portal at his disposal, and god knows, what other secrets he is hiding inside Lazarus. Considering the ease with which Levi appears in 10,000 BC, it is possible that James too does a lot of back and forth through time. Perhaps, in one of his visits, he killed Marissa. Now, Levi has come to 10,000 BC to exact revenge on him.

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