La Brea: What Happened to Eve? Where is She?

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

The third season of NBC’s ‘La Brea’ builds further mysteries as the final season braces to answer some questions that have haunted its characters and the audience from the first season. One of the biggest plot points that the third season is to focus on is the fate of Eve Harris. At the end of the second season, she fell into a portal while the rest of her family helplessly watched, having no idea where or when she was going to end up. This mystery further deepens in the first episode of the third season, making one wonder whether Eve will ever come back home. SPOILERS AHEAD

Eve’s Absence Hints Towards a Darker Fate for Her

Being separated from your loved ones and landing in a completely different time is difficult, but falling right in the path of the villains makes things even trickier. The same is what we believe has happened to Eve, and the conversation that Gavin has with a mysterious person hints at that.

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

By now, we know that even though falling through timelines might feel like a random thing, the characters have always ended up in a time and place that they were supposed to. Or, at least, they are not the first ones to have ended up in that timeline. Despite the chaos in which Eve falls through Dr. Moore’s portal, it can be assumed that she has not fallen into some time period completely out of her family’s reach. Before she fell, the screen showed all kinds of dates, ranging from 60,000 BC to timelines farther into the future. She could have landed in the 18th century, for we all know, but there is order in this madness, and it is confirmed by the mysterious person on the other side of the chat.

From Dr. Moore’s laptop, which Scott fires up using a bunch of potatoes, Gavin and Co hoped to figure out a way to find or create more portals, or at least figure out where Eve went. As soon as the device lights up, a text appears on the screen. When Gavin identifies himself, the other person claims that they can help him find his wife. They even describe her features— blonde hair, blue eyes, white shirt, brown coat. Before Gavin can talk more and figure out what this person is up to, the chat disconnects, and he is left to wonder what his wife is tangled up in.

Considering that the person didn’t reveal too much and didn’t immediately allow Eve to talk to Gavin, even when they claimed she was right in front of them, it is safe to say that they have an ulterior motive. It is also possible that they are holding Eve captive, which is the only way to explain her being in front of them and not being able to talk to Gavin when that’s what she’d want to do the most in the hopes of relating her situation to him.

Image Credit: Sarah Enticknap/NBC

The only good thing to note here is that Eve is still alive and is in a place that can be accessed. The bad thing, however, is that she is trapped by the villains, who are most probably part of the secret organization whose military barracks exist in 10,000 BC. It could also have something to do with Gavin’s sister, whose identity and intentions remain a secret so far but who is expected to play a larger role in the third season, most probably as an antagonist.

Eve’s captivity also means that she will remain in the shadows for most of the final season. In the first episode, when Gavin revisits a memory with his family, we don’t even see Eve’s face. This means that actress Natalie Zea’s presence is limited to the episodes in which Eve has a significant screen presence. With the limited episode numbers that ‘La Brea’ has for its third and final season, in which the show needs to wrap up many mysteries, it is expected that the focus will stay more on the people in 10,000 BC and their efforts to get out of there, leaving little to no space for the exploration of Eve’s situation and the identity of her captors, until it organically crosses paths with the arcs of other characters. Considering all this, it is fair to say that while Eve is still alive, we will have to wait a while to see her again.

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