La Brea Season 3 Finale: How Does Eve Come Back to 2021, Explained

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC

NBC’s sci-fi time travel show, ‘La Brea’ comes to an end with a gripping finale where Gavin Harris, his family, and the friends they made over the course of their time in 10,000 BC finally come to the end of their journey. The biggest mystery of the season was the disappearance of Eve Harris and figuring out a way to get back to 2021. By the end of the final episode, all loose ends are tied up well enough to give a well-deserved goodbye to the series, answering all of the major questions that had lingered for three seasons and giving a happy ending to almost all the characters. While a lot happens in front of the camera, quite a few things happen off-camera as well, especially when it comes to Eve’s arc. How did she find her way back to her family? SPOILERS AHEAD

Where was Eve in La Brea Season 3?

At the end of ‘La Brea’ Season 2, Eve Harris fell through a portal after getting trapped in the room with the time machine that exploded following a malfunction. It was the only remaining time machine and the only way for the Harris family to get back to their original timeline. So, when Eve fell through it, and her family had no way of getting out of 10,000 BC, it seemed like she was gone forever. But it later turns out that she landed in 1965.

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC

Luckily for Eve, 1965 was also the year when the time travel project was picking speed. This was where the main operation was set up, making it the center of the time travel maze that Gavin and the others had been wading through all this time. In trying to get back to her family, Eve crossed paths with the likes of Maya Schmidt, who saw her as an opportunity to get to Gavin because he was the only one, besides his sister, Helena, who knew the location of the chip, the holy grail of time travel.

It turns out that the government had been involved in the time travel project, trying to get the technology through planes. They were training pilots like Gavin to fly those planes. However, power like that is bound to corrupt people, and Gavin and Helena understood it just in time to get that chip out of the way. They hid it away, but before they could take any more steps to do something about it, they were found. Gavin’s memories of the project were erased, and then the sinkholes started to happen.

With Eve in their captivity, Maya Schmidt and her team had the chance to manipulate Gavin into getting that chip to them. So, they held her as their prisoner in 1965 while Maya Schimdt traveled to 10,000 BC to get Gavin to trust her. Her plan almost worked.

Eve Used the Auroras to Get Back to 2021

While the time-traveling machine was destroyed, the auroras popped up in 10,000 BC. The blue one took a person to 2021, while the red one took them to 1965. Similarly, in 1965, the blue aurora was for 2021, while the red one was for 10,000 BC. Because the chip was now in Maya Schmidt’s possession, the only way that the time travel project could be stopped was by destroying the headquarters in 1965. For Gavin, the main thing was to save Eve, but Helena knew that no one would be safe until the HQ was destroyed.

In the final episode, Gavin, Helena, and Izzy go to 1965 and even find the cell where Eve is being held, but they don’t find her. It turns out that Maya Schmidt was having her transported to 10,000 BC. Gavin and Izzy chased after Maya’s men to rescue Eve, but Helena stuck around to destroy the HQ. Instead of finding Eve, Gavin and Izzy found Josh, who had come to 1965 with Riley, who was hurt following a dinosaur attack. He reveals that he, too, was kidnapped by Maya’s men. While Gavin is happy to be reunited with his son, it still leaves the question of his wife.

Helena comes back to them and reveals that she found Eve at the HQ. When she updated Eve on the plan, Eve decided to send Helena to her family and decided to stay back and destroy the 1965 operation. Helena didn’t leave her on purpose. The women were cornered by Maya’s men, and while Helena fended them off, Eve jumped at the opportunity. She knew that destroying the HQ would mean that the auroras wouldn’t be around for too long, so she had a very small window. She sent Helena back with the message to her family, telling them to go back to 2021, promising that she would follow them there.

Even though he knew that this would be their last chance to go back home together, Gavin decided to trust his wife and took his children back to 2021. Meanwhile, Eve took care of the HQ and reached the fading auroras in 1965, just in time to enter the blue aurora and land in 2021. Now, in their original timeline, the Harris family had to find each other. Gavin and his kids check at their house, but the neighbors reveal that Eve hasn’t come around. This leaves just one place where Gavin knows she’ll be.

Over the years, Gavin and Eve had a special spot where they would come to celebrate important occasions, like when they first got pregnant. The place held a lot of memories and was just like home to them, which is how Gavin knew that Eve would be there, no matter what. He turns out to be right when she arrives, having battled hours of LA traffic (because there is no time-traveling Aurora to get you through that), and is finally reunited with her family.

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