Lacey Jones From Naked and Afraid: Everything We Know

‘Naked and Afraid’ is a survival show on the Discovery Channel that sees contestants marooned in wild and exotic locations with nothing but their wits and a singular object of their choosing to help them survive in the wilderness. The word “naked” in the title is also no marketing gimmick as the contestants are actually left without even the clothes on their backs to shelter them.

However, survivalist Lacey Jones’ unconventional off-the-grid upbringing is enough to give her an advantage in holding out till the end and completing the challenge. If you’re curious to know more about the “odd one out” from all the ‘Naked and Afraid’ contestants, we’ve got a treat for you! Here’s everything we know about Lacey Jones.

Lacey Jones: Where is She From?

Lacey Stark-Jones grew up on Quigg Island in Liberty, Maine. The oldest of 5 children, she and her family lived off-the-grid without the luxuries of running water or electricity. Their household consisted of a generator and a wood stove that allowed them to cook and stay warm, but apart from that, their house was an unconventional one. Her father, Lacey describes, was nomadic and had grown up living off the land. Having lived in tents growing up, he raised his kids the same way, and Lacey remembers spending many months a year living in tents during her childhood.

According to Lacey, her mother was a naturalist who supported the whole family with a huge garden that she maintained and was a “hippie.” Lacey also grew up without a television in the household, which is interesting considering she is now a TV personality. Her unconventional childhood got her interested in the outdoors, and even as a child, she attended survivalist school in the summer, where she learned a lot of the skills that she would end up using many years later on ‘Naked and Afraid.’ The school taught her skills like hunting, fishing, fire and shelter building, and identifying edible plants.

Lacey Jones’ Age and Profession

Lacey is 35-years-old and lives in Du Quoin, Illinois, where she helps run a gun store. Like a few other contestants on ‘Naked and Afraid, she is an Army veteran and joins a group of veterans every year to go on a cross-country camping trip. Lacey joined the Army right out of college and also spent time deployed in Iraq.

She is currently studying towards a Doctorate in Emergency Management and is also working on obtaining a pilot’s license. However, her knack for outdoor adventure keeps calling out to her and has pushed her into competing on ‘Naked and Afraid’ multiple times. Not just the physical aspects, a big part of what Lacey likes about the challenge is pushing her mental boundaries. This was her inspiration for signing up for ‘Naked and Afraid: Alone,’ which sees contestants left completely alone in the wilderness, without even the support of a teammate, just like the previous editions.

Lacey Jones’ Husband and Children

Lacey met her husband Cody while she was in the US Army. After her contract ended, she moved to his hometown of Du Quoin, in Illinois, where the couple now lives with their two children: Oakley and Olive. Lacey and her husband run a gun shop together, named Jones and Son Guns, and also aim to provide Concealed Carry Classes. Cody is an NRA-certified instructor.

Lacey’s husband has been supportive of her stints in reality survival television ever since she first learned about ‘Naked and Afraid’ while watching the Discovery channel and decided to apply for it. Despite being concerned for her welfare once he realized that she had gotten selected, Cody continued to support her. According to him, having been naked for so long, when Lacey got back from the survival challenge, she found it quite challenging to remain clothed for long periods.

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