Land of Women: Is Kate Trans? Is Actress Victoria Bazua Trans?

In Apple TV+’s ‘Land of Women,’ three generations of women have to face a challenge that changes their lives forever. It begins with Gala Scott finding out about her husband’s mismanagement of their finances, which has put him and their family in a life-threatening situation. When the husband flees the scene, it falls upon Gala to save herself, her daughter, Kate, and her mother, Julia. They flee their comfortable life in New York and move to a small town in Spain called La Muga, which Julia fled several decades ago.

While the women find themselves in the same boat, the problems they face are often very different. For the youngest, Kate, it is difficult to simply leave her life behind, which includes her girlfriend, while trying to have a stable relationship with her mother, who grows chaotic by the day, even when she is simply trying to protect them. There are several other things about Kate that actress Victoria Bazua could relate to on a personal level. SPOILERS AHEAD

Victoria Bazua is Cast Perfectly in Kate’s Role

In ‘Land of Women,’ Kate identifies as a trans lesbian. As a teenager, she is quite moody and temperate and often finds herself at odds with her mother because she thinks Gala doesn’t understand her. For Ramón Campos, the co-creator of the show, it was important to have a trans teen actor take over the role. He was also keen on hiring someone who had already transitioned.

When Bazua found the requirements for the role, she realized she was a perfect fit for it. Be it the Mexican roots of the character, her trans identity, or her dark humor and sarcasm, the actress saw a lot of herself in Kate. Following her auditions, the creators of the show agreed that she would be their best pick, and the actress proved them right by bringing Kate alive on the screen with a natural flair.

While Bazua connected with Kate on several levels, she still found a lot of differences between them. To begin with, Bazua is not a lesbian. In an interview with The LA Times, she talked about how Kate is of a reserved nature and is still trying to find her confidence, especially as the conflict brews around her. The whole season shows her going through a learning curve, and by the end of it, she has learned to speak up for herself. Bazua, on the other hand, has no trouble finding that confidence within herself.

Victoria Bazua Has Had Quite a Journey

Victoria Bazua was merely fourteen years old when she entered the modeling industry. She learned the tricks of the trade quickly and established herself as a promising talent, inviting major brands to tie up with her. She is represented by Queta Rojas modeling and had been very active in the modeling circles when she decided to make the switch to acting.

She displayed the extent of her talent by bagging her first major role in ‘Land of Women’ alongside some very well-established names in Hollywood. Interestingly, she didn’t really know much about her co-actors, which she considered “so Gen Z” of her, but she also confessed that this disconnect actually helped her forge a better understanding with her co-stars.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Bazua’s sudden rise to stardom doesn’t mean her life has been without challenges. She revealed that she had been subject to bullying when she was at school, with both students and teachers taking a jab at her. It was difficult to bear through that time, but it also made her realize that she would meet such people in all stages of her life, and what mattered more was that she believed in herself and did not rely on others’ opinions of her. The actress also credits the steadfast support of her family in all of her choices and decisions, saying that she couldn’t have done it without their constant encouragement.

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