Lara and Ruben: Are the Love Island Spain Finalists Still Dating?

Devoting themselves to finding true love, a streak of singles arrive at ‘Love Island Spain.’ The reality dating series chronicles the journey of men and women as they try to map the road to forevermore together. With love, affection, and heartbreak at their centre, the individuals try to experience the power of true connection as they overcome challenges and interpersonal hiccups. As the individuals find their love contested by the highs and lows of the competition, they try to bridge the gap and embark on a wonderful journey with their other half. Lara and Ruben are two individuals whose heartfelt evocation on the show has left many wondering about their journey beyond the series.

Lara and Ruben’s Love Island Spain Journey

Ready to lay their hearts bare and find the person of their dreams, Lara and Ruben had entered the island with several hopes. At 21, Lara Salmeron had come to ‘Love Island’ to create lifelong memories. She hoped to find someone who could win her heart and allow her to be candid about her feelings.

In the beginning, Lara had thought Alan could be that person for her. However, the gymnast didn’t find her true heart desire until Ruben came into the picture. With an equally tumultuous journey on the show, 26-year-old Ruben Cons entered the ‘Love Island’ villa on Day 4 and found his heart lurching toward Lorena. When he was given a choice to form a couple, Ruben unequivocally sought Lorena.

However, Saul, who was Lorena’s then-partner, challenged Ruben to a vote out. Ultimately, 57% of viewers decided to pick Ruben for elimination and save Lorena and Saul’s relationship. After getting dumped from the island on Day 8, Ruben didn’t come back into the villa until the very end. During this time, Lara had found herself enthralled by Rafa. However, Lara and Rafa’s relationship had crumbled during the Casa Amor segment with no sign of reconciliation. Incidentally, Ruben’s surprising arrival into the villa meant that Lara had yet another chance at love.

Within days, the two found themselves creating milestones and getting closer. Lara had been open about her choices and how she hoped to establish a business in Cadiz later. She asked Ruben if he could be a part of the distant future she was planning. Much to her surprise, the model wholeheartedly confessed that he’d follow her without a doubt. While the duo walked away from the show without the top prize, they still found their heart’s desire fulfilled upon finding each other.

Lara and Ruben Are No Longer Together

Albeit finding each other and overcoming rough waters, Lara and Ruben couldn’t find the same connection outside. After the season came to a close, the couple embarked on an exciting journey outside the show, too. Initially, they tried to create more memories and get to know each other a little better. While their time on the show had allowed them to grow closer, they still had a lot to uncover.

In the end, Lara and Ruben’s hopes for the future came crumbling down. Mere months after they left the ‘Love Island’ villa, the two decided to go their separate ways. While their affection for each other had multiplied during their time on the show, the two ultimately decided that they’d be better as friends instead. Since parting ways, the individuals have been quiet about their personal lives. They have also revealed little details about the nature of their parting.

Nevertheless, it seems apparent that the two have since grown into prosperous professionals. Both Ruben and Lara command a significant following on social media and continue to use their platform to display their skills and abilities. Since his time on the show, Ruben has been modeling and has even become a DJ. The television personality regularly takes to his Instagram to talk about his latest gigs. Similarly, Lara has also been making new milestones. The avid traveler continues to share snippets of her life online and has seemingly climbed the ladder of success. So, even though romance has not been on the table for Lara and Ruben, it is apparent that the two are still on the path of significant growth and success!

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