Korey and Olivia: Love Island Season 3 Winners Are No Longer Together

Discovering the prospect of love in a tropical paradise, a streak of singles set off on a unique journey in ‘Love Island.’ Encompassed by serenity, the singles decide to find the right person by going on dates and creating memories with other individuals. The reality dating series chronicles the highs and lows of love and heartbreak as the singles try to find the person of their dreams in the house. The third iteration of the series features Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser, two individuals whose relationship enthralled many. Having left reality television a while ago, fans have continued to wonder about the duo’s relationship status.

Olivia and Korey’s Love Island Journey

Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, 28-year-old Korey had hoped to find someone he could connect emotionally with. Similarly, 28-year-old Olivia, a native of Anchorage, Alaska, came to ‘Love Island’ to find a genuine connection. Despite developing a bond with other members of the house initially, Olivia and Korey ultimately found a way to one another. In the beginning, Olivia and Javonny Vega had taken to each other wholeheartedly. The two tried to make things work but to little avail. On the other hand, Korey hadn’t found a deep connection until he met Olivia. Instead, he coupled up with other islanders consistently. Throughout the show, he coupled with Florita Diaz, Cashay Proudfoot, and Leslie Garden.

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Ultimately, Korey and Olivia decided to give each other a chance. This culminated in a lasting relationship that even won the hearts of viewers. Unlike the uncertainty she’d experienced with Javonny, Olivia built a steadfast connection with Korey. Likewise, Korey, the Virginia native, also felt that they were meant to be. In the end, their affection for one another led them to the finals and even helped them win the season’s top spot and prize. As the two walked away from the show, hand in hand, they looked forward to all the significant milestones they could set ahead in the future.

Why Did Olivia and Korey Break Up?

Beyond the limitations of the camera, Olivia and Korey decided to nurture their connection and create new memories. In the beginning, everything seemed to be alright between the two. However, it wasn’t long before issues between the individuals emerged and ended up becoming the driving force in their separation. While Korey and Olivia have maintained secrecy on the nature of their parting and the actual reason for their separation, they have shared their thoughts on the matter.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, he said, “It took me all the way to now to say something because I didn’t want to believe it was real, but this was a mutual decision to take a step back in our relationship and just be friends for now…My time with Liv taught me so much about myself. I realized I can be vulnerable again and truly care for someone. When we were on ‘Love Island’ everything was perfect and I can say that was honestly the happiest moment of my life.”

Later, fans again asked Korey whether or not he was in contact with Olivia. In a since-deleted Instagram story, he responded to the Q&A question by saying, “It’s actually been a long time since we talked….In the villa, it was dope. Then afterward, a lot of things happened.” Another fan questioned if he and Olivia are still on friendly terms.

To this, Korey clarified that he hadn’t spoken to Olivia in a long time. While there is no bad blood between them, their separation has yielded little room for the two to come together once again. So, even though Korey and Olivia had seemed to map the road to the finale in ‘Love Island,’ their relationship was cut short quite quickly.

Since then, the duo has been exploring other avenues of success. Korey has since become an online creator and has been building his portfolio. With an ever-evolving following on Instagram and TikTok, the television personality continues to share the latest updates in his life with his fans online. Similarly, Olivia has also mapped the road to success since then. She went on to compete in Season 38 of ‘The Challenge’ alongside pro soccer player Horacio Gutiérrez.

Fans have since wondered if Olivia and Horacio have embarked on a new journey as a couple. Horacio Gutiérrez later put these rumors to rest by revealing his relationship with Nurys Mateo, who has appeared on MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion.’ As such, it’s apparent that both Olivia and Korey have since made countless strides and continue to map the road to success.

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