Lara Du Preez From Below Deck Med: Here’s All We Know About Her.

Image Credit: Bravo/ YouTube

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ returned with its highly anticipated eighth season on September 25, 2023, much to the excitement of its devoted fan base. Under the capable leadership of Captain Sandy, the crew embarked on a journey across Genoa, Italy, during the charter season. This season featured a mix of both new and returning crew members, adding a sense of familiarity and fresh faces to the dynamic.

As always, the season promises to be a hit, offering viewers a glimpse into the professional lives of the crew as they cater to charter guests, all while delving into their relationships and dynamics. Among the new crew members in this season, Lara Du Preez stood out for her attention to detail and positive relationships with her colleagues, making fans eager to learn more about her. 

Lara Du Preez Was Born in South Afriica

Lara Du Preez, born on March 15, hails from Hermanus, South Africa. While there isn’t much detailed information available about her family or early childhood, it’s evident that Lara has always had a fondness for outdoor and athletic activities. She particularly enjoyed skateboarding and had a passion for being active. Her love for water and the beach was another defining aspect of her personality. Lara has also been someone who values relationships, maintaining close and meaningful connections with her friends over the years.

Lara Du Preez’s Professional Journey

Lara Du Preez’s passion for the yachting industry was unwavering, and she pursued her dream with determination. To improve her skills in the field, Lara actively sought out training and coaching opportunities. She received it from reputable institutions like Pull North Yachting and Wajer Yachts, both of which are renowned for their guidance and support services in the world of super yachts. Her dedication to learning and honing her craft led her to embark on training experiences in exotic and beautiful locations, including Greece, Croatia, and France.

Lara Du Preez had been a dedicated fan of the show and her friend shared a memorable connection about how they would often watch it together. Those who knew her well were confident that Lara’s passion for yachting would eventually lead her to be a part of the eighth installment of her beloved show. By the time ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ approached Lara Du Preez to join their eighth season, she had spent four years in the yachting industry, gaining valuable expertise as a crew member on superyachts. Her service to high-end clients had allowed her to master a wide range of skills that would prove indispensable during her time on the season.

Lara’s role as a deckhand showcased her strong work ethic, along with her eagerness to acquire new knowledge and improve her abilities, making her an asset to the crew. Her versatility and resourcefulness became evident during the eighth season, where her knack for fixing things and being prepared was on full display. She expanded her skill set beyond her role on the crew, even taking scuba diving lessons from Isja Visserman in June 2023. After the season’s filming concluded, Lara embarked on a solo trip to Bali, which she described as “one of the most memorable times of my life.” She rode a motorbike through the volcanic terrains and jungles and found it to be an empowering experience.

Is Lara Du Preez Dating Anyone?

From what we can tell, it appears that Lara shares a deep connection with Nico. In a birthday post for Nico in 2021, Lara expressed, “Its been absolutely real having you in my life, happy birthday nikkipoo🥳 you are an absolute gem. You crawled deeply into my heart.” To which, Nico responded, “i will always have ylu in my heart my luuv 😚.” Not just that, they even celebrated Nico’s birthday together in Ibiza in October 2022 and had a great time. However, until either of the two explicitly confirm the status of their bond, one can only infer they are really close to each other.

Lara is known for her enthusiasm for travel and has visited numerous beautiful destinations, including Bonifacio and Barcelona. She is surrounded by a loving group of friends who provide her with encouragement, and she, in turn, serves as a pillar of strength for them, always cheering them on in their endeavors. Lara Du Preez’s promising start in both the world of entertainment and the yachting industry has set the stage for a bright and beautiful future. We wish her the best in all her future undertakings and hope that she finds success in everything she sets her mind to achieve.

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