Ruan Irving From Below Deck Med: Here’s Everything We Know About Him.

Image Credit: Ruan Irving/Instagram

The world of reality television is no stranger to the luxurious and dramatic, and Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ fits this description perfectly. The show takes the audience on a journey into the high-stakes realm of luxury yachting, filled with demanding guests, boatmances, and plenty of drama. The eighth season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean,’ which aired on September 25, 2023, introduces fresh faces and familiar ones gracing their screens.

Among the crew members of this season is Ruan Irving, the Bosun hailing from Margate, South Africa, with over a decade of experience in the yachting industry. With his yachting experience under his belt, a passion for adventure, and a love for travel, he brings a unique blend of skills and interests to the season. Whether managing deck operations or pursuing his off-boat activities, Ruan’s journey promises to be an exciting one for both him and the viewers. For the fans of the show, we have compiled everything we know about the reality TV star. So, let’s get into it!

Ruan Irving’s Roots Trace Back to South Africa

Ruan Irving, a key figure in the upcoming season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean,’ is not just a seasoned yachting professional; he also brings a unique blend of personal experiences and passions to the show. Born on July 24, Ruan’s roots trace back to Margate, South Africa, which has clearly played a role in shaping Ruan’s adventurous spirit. In June 2020, he paid tribute to his late father by taking his photo to the top of Monaco. While specific details about Ruan’s family are not public, we can speculate that his family may have had an influence on his love for the sea and exploration.

Growing up in a coastal town like Margate, it’s possible that he developed a connection to the water at an early age, ultimately leading him to pursue a career in the yachting industry. Ruan Irving’s early life seems to have been a blend of adventure and athleticism. His favorite off-boat activities include spearfishing, surfing, motocross biking, boxing, and swimming. These activities paint a picture of an individual who thrives on physical challenges and enjoys the rush of adrenaline.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ruan’s life is his passion for traveling. He enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Among his favorite charter destinations is Bonifacio, a picturesque town in Corsica known for its stunning cliffs and historical charm. Additionally, Ruan mentioned Bali as a favorite place he’s traveled to, indicating that he loves visiting exotic and diverse locations.

Ruan Irving’s Professional Background

With a remarkable decade of experience in the yachting industry, Ruan Irving is no novice when it comes to managing deck operations and ensuring safety on board. As the Bosun of the M/Y Mustique for ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 8, he steps into a crucial role responsible for the smooth functioning of the vessel and the well-being of the crew and guests.

Ruan’s background and extensive experience make him a natural fit for the demanding world of luxury yachting depicted in the season. He has encountered a wide range of situations and challenges over the years, preparing him for the high-pressure environment that ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ often portrays. His dedication to his career is further exemplified by his involvement in financial services. He is the owner of Rudawg Promotions & Productions, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to diversify his professional endeavors.

Ruan Irving Has Found a Travel Partner in His Girlfriend

Currently, Ruan is dating someone named Nicola King, and while specific details about their relationship haven’t been made public, the fact that they often travel together indicates a strong bond. The two often travel together, and they share a glimpse of their life with their fans. Ruan also has a YouTube channel with a growing following, showcasing his interests and experiences, including diving into the Airbus A300 airplane wreck and exploring hidden spots in Kusadasi, Turkey.

As season 8 of ‘Below Deck Med’ unfolded, fans of the show had the opportunity to get to know Ruan better, both as a professional in the yachting industry and as a person with a deep appreciation for life’s adventures and relationships. His journey on the season was filled with memorable moments, challenging situations, and, of course, the drama that keeps viewers coming back for more. Given his time on the season, it is safe to assume that his future in the world of entertainment and yachting is bright, and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors!

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