Lara Flumiani: Everything We Knew

Below Deck Mediterranean Lara Flumiani

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ is a reality television series that chronicles the daily lives of crew members as they reside and offer their services on a super-yacht during the yacht charter season. The spin-off of the hit show ‘Below Deck’ is currently in its fifth season and is charting the Spanish waters with a mixed bag of new and old cast members. A part of the crew, Lara Flumiani, has already rubbed a veteran member, the wrong way. Now, you must be wondering about who she is, and does he have what it takes to survive till the end? Let’s find out!

Lara Flumiani Nationality: Where is She From?

Lara hails from Bordano, a municipality in the Province of Udine, Italy. Growing up surrounded by multiple islands in a commune that is home to myriad of peoples and cultures, Lara developed a liking to the sea life quite early in her life.

She is close to her family and makes sure to take time out from her schedule to visit her hometown often. Here’s a picture of Lara with her father during their trip to Rome.

The Italian native currently lives in Monaco. Her work requires her to travel a lot, so she spends most of her time in the yacht she is stationed at.

Lara Flumiani: Age and Profession

Although Lara’s social media profile states her age as 27, we can’t be sure whether it has been updated. Lara is a yacht stewardess and has over ten years of experience in the industry. She claims to have ventured into the profession by “accident” but was instantly smitten by the lifestyle that allows her to travel to different parts of the world.

In 2013, Lara obtained a sail training degree from 2 Oceans Maritime Academy in Cape Town, South Africa. Soon after, she began working as a stewardess at Super Yacht in Monaco. Lara gradually carved her way to the top and bagged the position of a Chief Stew on a small yacht.

She never dreamt of this life but is grateful that she gets to live it every day and never trade it for anything. Owing to her job, Lara has sailed through Mallorca, Corsica, Phuket, California, and many other places.

She loves to explore the culture and cuisine of the places she traverses through for work. In her off-time, Lara changes her uniform and hops off the yacht to enjoy the scenery or party her heart out in the place she is in.

Remember the movie ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, guess who has been to the beach!

There is one thing she takes as seriously as her job – Fitness. Lara is a self-proclaimed fitness freak and changes into her workout gear, every chance she gets.

Lara Flumiani: Below Deck Mediterranean Journey

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 5 premiered on June 1, 2020, and Lara has had an explosive first week, to say the least. In the episode, Lara’s devil-may-care attitude on being asked to tidy the rooms annoys Wellington’s chief stewardess, Hannah. Things escalate when Hannah slams Lara for her laid-back attitude and orders her to “make beds” instead of throwing tantrums.

Lara expresses her frustration by not acknowledging her superior’s orders, which irks the chief even more, and she straight-up says, “If you could just acknowledge me, that would be amazing.” Not known for holding back on drama, Lara exclaims, “Whatever!” Of course, it doesn’t sit well with Hannah, who expresses her disgust and storms away. Later in a confessional, Lara justifies her behavior by saying, “If you’re mean to me, I’m mean back.” If this is how it’s going to be, we wish her good luck with not getting fired.

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