Larry Millete: Where is Maya Millete’s Husband Now?

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Maya Millete was last seen entering her house in January 2021. She ceased communication with her family, raising suspicions about her sudden disappearance. While some thought she might have left voluntarily, it seemed unlikely because she had three children, and it was out of character for her. The police discovered that she had been experiencing marital difficulties and was planning to leave her husband, Larry Millete, which shifted their focus toward him. The episode ‘I Knew You Was Gonna Die’ from ID’s ‘Signs of a Psychopath’ details the clues that led to Larry’s arrest and subsequent charges for the murder of his wife, as well as the case’s developments.

Larry Millete Contacted Spellcasters to Save His Marriage

Larry Millete was just 18 years old when he married Maya Millete on May 12, 2000, in Honolulu, Hawaii. They had three children together. The family settled in Chula Vista, California, where Maya worked as an administrative specialist at the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific in San Diego, while Larry was employed as an optician at the Naval Medical Training Center in San Diego. Their family life appeared to be thriving until 2019.

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Arguments and disagreements became frequent between the couple, and it is alleged that Larry once choked Maya until she passed out, suspecting her of having an extramarital affair. For other reasons unknown, Maya had expressed to her close friends and family that she was considering a divorce, but Larry was not ready to let go of the relationship. He reportedly contacted various “spellcasters” to make his wife depend on him and fall in love with him again. He even left a review on one of these sites, appreciating the hexes he had received.

On January 9, 2021, Maya was reported missing by her sister. A quick review of CCTV surveillance of the house showed that she was last seen entering the house on the evening of January 7. When questioned, Larry said he assumed Maya had gone for a hike, but when she didn’t return, he believed it was something more serious. He had also been absent from work from January 6 to January 8 without prior communication, and his whereabouts for January 8 were inconsistent. By examining Maya’s phone, the police determined that the couple had an argument on the evening of January 7, and she had told him about the divorce on January 6.

In the days following Maya’s disappearance, Larry did not participate in any of the searches or vigils organized by Maya’s family. He stayed at home, claiming he wanted things to remain as normal as possible. However, by February 2021, he had hired a lawyer and refused to answer the police’s questions. He had his parents look after their three children and Maya’s family alleged that he restricted the kids from communicating with them. As police suspicion against Larry mounted, they executed multiple search warrants at his house. In May 2021, the police filed a gun violence restraining order against him after finding pictures of several guns and ammunition on a table where Larry’s 4-year-old son was standing.

In June 2021, Larry filed a lengthy court petition, claiming harassment and unfair treatment by the detectives, and requested the return of his guns. By July 2021, during a hearing on the case, he was named a person of interest, but due to the sensitivity of the case, the police did not provide detailed evidence. In October 2021, Larry was arrested on charges of murder and illegal possession of an assault weapon.

Larry Millete is Awaiting His Trial Today

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On October 21, 2021, Larry appeared in court for the first time and pled not guilty to both charges against him. While his defense team worked on his case, his phone privileges were curtailed at the end of October. The ruling judge noted that Larry had spent significant time talking to his parents on the phone and had also asked them to facilitate conversations with his children, which was not permitted. Although he was allowed to write letters to his children through a legally appointed guardian, Larry’s defiance of these rules restricted his phone privileges beyond legal counsel.

In November 2021, Larry’s request for release on bail was denied. His readiness hearing and psychiatric evaluation were completed, which deemed him fit to stand trial. The preliminary hearing began in January 2024, with the prosecution initially scheduled for August 2024. However, his defense team requested more time, leading to a decision in April 2024 to reschedule the trial for January 2025. Many crucial evidence in the case have yet to be publicly available due to its high-profile nature and ongoing jurisdiction. Larry remains in custody, awaiting his trial.

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