Last One Standing Shooting Location: Details Revealed

Created by Nobuyuki Sakuma, Netflix’s ‘Last One Standing’ is a Japanese crime comedy-drama reality series that features various comedians, including the comedy duo Chidori and a number of other Japanese comedians as contestants. Set at the fictional NF High School, the narrative revolves around the theft of a precious painting from the principal’s office. Thereafter, the comedians or contestants are posed a question and they must drop character and answer it in a relevant manner.

Thus, the contestants indulge in talk battles and advance to the next stage by landing their jokes in the unscripted scenes. But if a contestant’s jokes fail to land, they are eliminated from the contest as well as from the plot. Most of the scripted as well as the unscripted scenes unfold in the fictional high school as well as in the city, making the audience wonder where ‘Last One Standing’ is filmed. Well, if you are interested in knowing about the same, allow us to get rid of your curiosity once and for all!

Last One Standing Filming Locations

‘Last One Standing’ is filmed in its entirety in Japan, particularly in Ibaraki Prefecture. Principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the unscripted show seemingly took place in late 2021. Now, without further ado, let’s get a detailed account of all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Netflix production!

Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

A major portion of ‘Last One Standing’ is lensed in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is situated in the Kantō region of Honshu. Since most of the unscripted drama unfolds in and around a school campus, it is natural for many of you to wonder whether or not the shooting takes place inside an actual school. Well, Echigoya Kanetsu Elementary School Studio at 4465 Kanaetsu in Kawachi, Ibaraki is where those pivotal sequences take place.

It was the former Kanetsu Elementary School, which was shut down in March 2018, but currently works as a studio that mainly serves as a school location shooting for different kinds of projects. Moreover, it is also used as a venue for an in-house sports day. Its lush green park in front of the main building, corridors, and classrooms, are all featured heavily in various key portions of ‘Last One Standing.’ Apart from the school studio, several important city scenes are seemingly taped in and around the town of Kawachi.

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