Latasha Norman Murder: Where is Stanley Cole Now?

In season 2, episode 6 of ABC’s ‘Death in the Dorms,’ the viewers learn the story of Latasha Norman, a college student who had been in a relationship with Stanely Cole. However, the couple’s relationship took a fatal turn. The tragic death of Norman and Cole’s involvement in the same garnered much attention from the viewers and has been discussed heavily in the show.

Latasha Norman Was Beloved By Many Before Her Death

Born on April 21, 1987, Latasha Norman was an accounting major at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. In a relationship with Stanley Cole, she seemed to have a bright future ahead of her, with many complimenting her work ethic. She even became the Student Government Association Representative for the Jackson State University Accounting Society. Though described as shy by some, she was said to have a great personality and a smile always on her face. Even her professors at the educational institute seemed to be full of praise for her.


As such, when Norman went missing on November 13, 2007, people could not help but be worried. She was last seen after having completed one of her classes, with witnesses claiming that she had walked out of the university campus in Cole’s company. It should be noted that the history between Normal and Cole was tense, to say the least. About a month before she went missing, on October 9, 2007, she had accused her partner of assault, claiming that he had hit her in a restaurant parking lot. Additionally, someone had also slashed the tires of her car.

Hence, when Norman’s whereabouts remained unknown, the authorities began to suspect that Cole was hiding something from them. As such, he was brought in for questioning and, on November 29, 2007, confessed what he knew about this all. He claimed that he and Norman had been involved in an argument when she sustained a head injury. Cole added that he had apparently tried to resuscitate Norman but had been unsuccessful in doing so.

Based on the information provided by Cole, the authorities located Norman’s body about 10 miles north of Jackson State University campus, in close proximity to Tougaloo College. The discovery of Norman’s ultimate fate cast a shadow of mourning across her university campus, with many mourning the loss of the bright 20-year-old. In fact, Jackson State University named a counseling center after the late student called the Latasha Norman Center for Social and Clinical Counseling, which is funded by the Latasha Norman Abuse Prevention Fund. Norman is now buried in Delta Memorial Gardens, Greenville, Mississippi.

Stanley Cole is Now in Prison

After Stanely Cole admitted his role in Latasha Norman’s death, he insisted that he had not meant to kill his former girlfriend intentionally. His defense team argued that the charges against him should be reduced to manslaughter. Pertaining to the death of Norman, Cole was indicted on a murder charge in January 2008. His trial took place in the Hinds County Circuit Court, where he was convicted in February 2010 and given a life sentence.

Cole’s defense team argued that Cole’s trial had not gone through in a proper manner and hence appealed the conviction. The Court of Appeals seemed to agree with this assessment as 2010 was overturned, claiming that the charge of manslaughter was something that should have been considered in this case. A case against Cole was being built, and the second trial was to start in March 2014 in Harrison County, Mississippi.

However, in February 2014, Cole himself pled guilty in Hinds County Circuit Court. He admitted to the charges of manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated stalking. His punishment for each of the admitted crimes included sentences of 20, 15, and 5 years, all of which were to be served one after another. Given that Cole had already been in prison for about six years at the time, he only had about 34 years left to serve.

Despite the reduced sentence, Norman’s family seems to be at peace that her killer has received the justice he deserved and has taken comfort in the punishment that had been given to Cole. They also hope that Cole will realize the severity of his actions and will mourn for the death he caused. While both of Cole’s sentences pertaining to manslaughter and aggravated stalking are dated February 20, 2014, his punishment for robbery seemingly became official on March 3, 2014. Now a resident of East Mississippi Correctional, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, Cole’s official tentative release date is May 19, 2038.

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