Why Are Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel Not in Forever Queens Season 2?

When Netflix’s ‘Forever Queens,’ AKA ‘Siempre Reinas,’ was released for the first time in 2022, the world could not help but be in awe of the four leading ladies of season 1. As such, when two prominent names among them did not make a comeback in season 2 of the show, fans could not help but be curious about the reasons behind the same. We are, of course, talking about Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel, whose on-screen presence everyone intrigued and heavily impressed. This is why many have found themselves stumped over their absence.

Laura Zapata Claims To Have Left The Show Willingly

The absence of Laura Zapata in season 2 has stood out the most to the viewers. In season 1 of the series, her relationship with Lucía Méndez can best be termed as a tense one, with both ladies having few good things to say about each other. Despite the fact that they had been working on the same musical project, they did not get along in the slightest, with Zapata’s actions even gaining criticism from many of the viewers.

In fact, shortly after the release of the first installment of the Netflix show, Lucía filed a lawsuit against Laura as well as Sylvia Pasquel based on the comments they had made during their time in the show. As per Lucía’s demands, she asked both of her co-stars to cease talking about her in any manner. When asked about the case, Laura herself stated that she did not want to talk about it in a not-so-flattering manner, indicating that she was far from happy about the route that Lucía had taken.

As such, when season 2 of the Netflix series was announced, many wondered if Laura’s absence could be linked to the suit filed by Lucía since the latter retained a major role in the show. After all, it would be pretty hard to be part of the same show as someone you can legally not even speak about! However, in a recent interview, Laura claimed that she was not fired from the show. According to the Mexican entertainment star, it had actually been her decision not to come back for the second season.

Laura stated that there were certain individuals whom she did not want to interact with and, hence, had decided not to be in the show’s sophomore season. While she refused to name the individual who had seemingly made her want to take this decision, her feud with Lucía had many individuals certain that Laura’s apparent decision to abstain from being in the Netflix series likely stemmed from the animosity that is well-known across the world.

Sylvia Pasquel Was Served By Lucía Méndez

Sylvia Pasquel’s absence from the show’s second season has also been linked to her feud with Lucía Méndez. While Laura Zapata was the person with whom Lucía butted heads the most in the show, Sylvia herself did not seem to have a good relationship with Lucía and even been heard speaking negatively about her. As such, when Lucía decided to file a lawsuit prohibiting Laura from even speaking about her, she also filed one against Sylvia.

For the most part, Sylvia has not talked about her reason for not returning to the second season of the Netflix show. Many believe that it is likely due to the legal actions taken by Lucía, though nothing has been officially confirmed. That said, given just how closely both Sylvia and Lucía had to work together in order to complete their first musical project, the presence of the “gag order” would have likely made the production process quite hard, especially since the female cast of season 2 once again took up a musical project. However, whether or not Sylvia herself chose to leave the series after its first installment remains a topic that she herself has not spoken about officially.

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