Lauren Christy: Buying London Star is Working at DDRE Even Today

Standing out on a show like Netflix’s ‘Buying London,’ where all agents work in prime real estate and are equally charismatic, is quite challenging. However, Lauren Christy never shied away from making her mark as a woman who commanded attention and respect, exuding an aura of leadership. From very early on, she established herself as an expert in the business, confident in her abilities. Although her strong personality sometimes rubbed people the wrong way, Lauren remained unwavering in pursuing her goals.

Lauren Christy Declared She Would Leave DDRE on the Show

Raised in St. Francis Bay, South Africa, Lauren Christy always aspired to be a strong, independent woman with big dreams for her future. She completed her college education in 2011 at the AAA School of Advertising, where she studied Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Recognizing her potential in the real estate industry, she began her career in 2017 as a property consultant with 5th Avenue Properties based in Cape Town.

Lauren Christy changed firms but remained in Cape Town until 2021, when she made a residential shift to London, England. She knew London was the place to be if she wanted to deal in super prime properties. Initially, she worked as a Senior Lettings Negotiator with Chestertons for a year. During this time, she connected with Daniel Daggers, a tycoon in the real estate business who had founded his firm, DDRE Global. Lauren joined DDRE Global as an advisor in October 2022. With her extensive experience in the field, she quickly secured primary listings and established herself as a vital team member.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute, another agent at DDRE, felt a sense of disparity when Daniel Daggers assigned a €16 million listing to Lauren Christy. Rasa believed she received the listing due to her close friendship with Daniel. When Rasa confronted Lauren about it, the latter felt undervalued and discussed the issue with Daniel. This move angered Rasa, who felt betrayed and accused Lauren of snitching. The tension persisted despite Daniel’s efforts to get them to work together. When it was time for the team to go to Dubai, Daniel decided it would be best to leave Rasa behind.

Lauren was constantly bombarded with questions about whether she had a romantic involvement with Daniel Daggers, which angered her as she felt these assumptions overshadowed her work. This frustration led her to seriously contemplate an offer from another real estate agency owner, Alex Bourne, who invited her to work for him. By the show’s end, Lauren confided in Daniel that she was unhappy at the firm and was considering returning home to rejuvenate, possibly eventually joining Alex, his rival.

Where is Lauren Christy Now?

Lauren Christy continues to work as a Prime Sales and Lettings Advisor for DDRE Global. Despite her declaration at the show’s end, she has not taken a hiatus and remains on good working terms with Daniel Daggers and the rest of the team. Understanding the importance of social media in the real estate industry, Lauren uses her online presence to enhance her accessibility and appeal to potential clients. Her social media is primarily business-oriented, featuring exclusive listings and giving followers a glimpse into her daily professional life.

Lauren is quite the traveler herself, as evidenced by her vacations to Greece, where she fell in love with Santorini; Lisbon, which she can’t stop gushing about; and Ibiza, where she relished soaking in the sea and ocean. Despite her busy schedule, she remains deeply connected to Cape Town and St. Francis Bay, often visiting these places she calls home to unwind and spend time with her family. Lauren frequently features on DDRE’s social media pages, effortlessly capturing the camera’s attention. Already off to a significant start in her career, Lauren has made substantial headway, but her ambitions are even bigger, and we look forward to seeing her achieve them all.

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