Lawrence Guterman to Direct ‘Lunch Hour’ Next

Image Credit: BUILD Series/YouTube

Lawrence Guterman has added a new project to the second chapter of his career as a filmmaker! He is set to direct the comedy film ‘Lunch Hour,’ based on a screenplay by Oren Safdie. The movie’s shooting is scheduled to commence on July 8 and last until July 27 in Owatonna, Minnesota. Casting for the lead and supporting characters is currently underway.

The film is billed as a razor-sharp comedy exploring the anatomy of an affair. The plot follows Henry, a disillusioned and awkwardly handsome architect and father of twins, who meets Alex, a dissatisfied dental hygienist with two grown daughters. Both share a passion for soup and the same lunch hour, leading to an innocuous friendship that quickly escalates. As they move from eating at the counter to sharing a booth, their relationship spirals out of control. The movie explores whether they can resist their impulses and preserve their marriages or if their appetite for danger and excitement will cloud their judgment, reducing them to a metaphorical bowl of split pea soup.

Guterman is returning to feature filmmaking after a 19-year break that followed his last movie, ‘Son of the Mask,’ released in 2005. His forthcoming projects include ‘The Adventures of Buddy Thunder,’ which tells the story of a man who, after becoming disabled in a plane crash that claimed the life of his new bride, rescues a puppy. This puppy goes on to become the fastest racing dog in the world, helping the man find love again. Guterman is also known for directing ‘Cats & Dogs,’ a film that delves into the covert, high-tech espionage war between cats and dogs, unbeknownst to their human owners. Additionally, his television credits include ‘Mongo Wrestling Alliance’ and ‘Out of Jimmy’s Head.’

Safdie recently co-wrote the screenplay for ‘The Man Who Saved the Internet with a Sunflower,’ which explores the dramatic and unknown rise and fall of Rob Ryan, the ambitious tech entrepreneur who saved the Internet from collapsing in the 1990s and revolutionized modern life. The screenwriter also penned the script for ‘Bittersweet,’ a story that centers on Ran, the head of an international investment company, and his complex relationships.

Recent projects filmed in Owatonna, Minnesota, include ‘Angry Neighbors’ and ‘Summertime Dropouts.’

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