Gene Fallaize to Direct ‘Nightmares’ Next

Image Credit: 5D Pop Culture YouTube/YouTube

Gene Fallaize has set his next feature film! The filmmaker will direct ‘Nightmares’ based on his own screenplay. Cameras will start rolling for the movie in London, England, this fall. The movie is being produced by Emily Hasseldine, Adam Southwick, and Jayne Snipe under the banner of Cupsogue Pictures. Set in 1981, the plot revolves around a Los Angeles Times reporter who is assigned a story that ends up becoming far bigger than she imagined. The feature then gets produced into one of the most successful horror films of all time.

Fallaize is a British director known for making films like Kevin Spacey-starrer ‘Control,’ which centers on a woman who is trapped in a self-driving car that goes on a rampage across the city. The filmmaker began his entertainment career in radio and television, switching to movies when he visited Los Angeles in 2006. He made his directorial debut with the first independent ‘Superman’ film, ‘Superman: Requiem.’ Fallaize also wrote and directed the 2017 horror movie ‘Cain Hill,’ which sees a group of documentary filmmakers setting up shop in an abandoned mental asylum where one of the inmates still hides.

Fallaize has written scripts for several films that have not yet entered production. ‘The Beast of Jersey’ is a true crime thriller that narrates the story of a man who terrorized the island of Jersey for eleven years. ‘Venus’ is a sci-fi story about scientists heading to the titular planet and discovering that they are not alone. ‘Beneath’ is a thriller about a marine salvager who is stuck at the bottom of the ocean in a damaged submersible, facing the horrors lurking in the depths. His other projects include ‘Dudley,’ a biopic on Dudley Moore, ‘Springwaite,’ and the action thriller ‘Violent Lines.’

When asked about his preference between writing and directing, Fallaize said, “To be honest, I write mostly out of necessity. However, as someone who has worked as a script doctor on many projects in the past, I have a lot of experience in writing.” “So, I started writing more original material, which I like. However, directing is and will remain my main passion and focus. There’s nothing like being a director in the world, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything,” he added.

In the same 2023 interview, Fallaize also talked about an upcoming thriller he is working on, which sounds like it could be ‘Nightmares.’ “My team and I are currently working on a thriller at the moment, which goes into the unexplored background story of another story that already exists as a movie… it’s something I’m extremely excited to be directing,” he said.

‘Nightmares’ will be joining several movies housed in London this year. Netflix’s adaptation of Julia Whelan’s ‘My Oxford Year’ is set to begin filming in the city in August. Kunal Nayyar’s ‘Christmas Karma,’ which puts an immigrant spin on Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol,’ began filming in the English capital on April 22. The popular ‘Knives Out’ film series’ third installment, with Daniel Craig reprising his detective role, is set to begin filming in London on June 10 as well.

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