Knives Out 3 to Begin Filming in London in the Fall This Year

The filming of ‘Knives Out 3’ is set to commence in London, England, in the fall of this year. Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed the first two movies in the franchise, is also helming the third film based on his screenplay. Daniel Craig will reprise his Southern detective character Benoit Blanc.

In ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,’ the second movie in the franchise, Miles Bron, co-founder of technology giant Alpha, orchestrates a murder mystery game on his private island in Greece amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. After inviting his circle of friends, dubbed the “Disruptors,” tensions rise as secrets unravel amidst the game. Despite the arrival of renowned detective Benoit Blanc, chaos ensues when one of the guests is poisoned and another is shot. Blanc unveils a web of deceit, revealing Miles’ role in orchestrating not only the game but also a series of real-life crimes. With the truth uncovered and Miles’ deception laid bare, the once loyal friends turn against him, leading to a climax that leaves the mansion and its dark secrets in ruins.

‘Knives Out 3’ is expected to depart from the narrative threads of ‘Glass Onion’ and ‘Knives Out,’ continuing the tradition of offering standalone mysteries. With a brand-new case awaiting Benoit Blanc, the challenge lies in crafting a fresh and unpredictable puzzle for both the detective and the viewers, likely revolving around another murder. Johnson may aim for a completely different approach while retaining the essence of the murder mystery genre.

“I’m starting to work on the third movie now, and that’s also what’s got me creatively jazzed: I don’t have to replicate the last movie at all. The goal is to strike out in a completely new direction tonally and thematically,” Johnson told Variety last year.

As of now, Craig is the sole confirmed cast member, mandated by Netflix’s acquisition of the sequel rights. The majority of the rest of the performers, if not all, will likely be fresh faces, akin to the predominantly new lineup seen in ‘Glass Onion.’

Apart from his role in ‘Glass Onion,’ Craig’s recent credits include James Bond in ‘No Time to Die,’ in which Bond is pulled back into duty after retiring, embarking on a mission to thwart a mysterious villain armed with advanced technology. He also starred alongside Halle Berry in ‘Kings,’ which depicts the events preceding the Rodney King trial verdict in South Central Los Angeles. Craig’s other notable works include ‘Logan Lucky’ and ‘Comrade Detective.’

The forthcoming project is scheduled to be filmed in London, following in the footsteps of recent productions such as ‘3 Body Problem‘ and ‘The Gentlemen.’

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