Where Was No Time To Die Filmed?

No Time To Die‘ is the new James Bond movie that has us all excited. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, the movie is supposed to be Daniel Craig’s last outing as the savvy and resourceful MI6 agent with a license to kill. The premise basically sees Bond retired and living a quiet life when he is approached by an old CIA contact. Soon enough, he is pulled back into the dangerous world of espionage, tracking an abducted scientist and coming to terms with the realization that this time Bond is up against a danger that the world has never seen before.

As is the nature of all Bond movies, the film takes us to various corners of the world. There are several exotic locations where the action unfurls, besides giving us glimpses of London, where Bond has to report to his bosses at the MI6 headquarters. It would not be a stretch to say that the Bond movie has had a global shoot.

Understandably, many of you might want to know where ‘No Time To Die’ has been shot, perhaps wanting to relive the Bond experience by visiting the places. Every time a Bond movie is shot in some exotic location, the destination usually sees a spike in tourism. It should not be different this time either. With that in mind, we bring you all the filming locations for ‘No Time To Die’.

No Time To Die Filming Locations:

‘No Time To Die’ was filmed in several places including England, Scotland, Jamaica, Italy, and Norway. In England, the shooting specifically took place in London, obviously. In Norway, the shooting took place in Nittedal. Reportedly, Port Antonio in Jamaica witnessed the filming of the new Bond movie, while the Faroe Islands is one of the most special locations that can be seen in ‘No Time To Die’.

James Bond has had a long history with Italy, having been spotted in Venice and other places in previous films. However, for ‘No Time To Die’, the filming took place in Matera and Gravina di Puglia. Apart from the many locations scattered around the globe, a lot of the shooting has also taken place at the Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, which has been the home of James Bond movies for a long time.

Port Antonio, Jamaica:

Production for the Bond movie began in Port Antonio in Jamaica in early 2019. You can check out the director’s Instagram account, sharing pictures during the shoot, one of which includes an image looking out over the waters in Jamaica. In a way, the return to Jamaica is a sort of homecoming for Bond, since author Ian Fleming, on whose books the movies are based, initially planned to retire to Jamaica and write James Bond stories. Notably, Jamaica has been featured in earlier Bond films as well, including ‘Live and Let Die’, in 1973. Following that, this is the first Bond movie that takes the spy back to the island.

From what we can understand in the trailer, Lashana Lynch’s 007-agent will be working with Bond in Jamaica.

Matera and Puglia, Italy:

Bond heads far south from the mainland for ‘No Time To Die’ as Craig showed up to the Ionian coast of Matera. Some of the filming locations are in the city of Sassi. These include the Balcony Buil Hotel which is situated in the Sassi of Matera, the area below Piazzetta Pascoli which is in the heart of the historical center of Matera, as well as the British cemetery near the Madonna delle Vergini, in the Park of Murgia Materana. Local reports suggest that a car chase involving an Aston Martin DB5 takes place on the scenic streets of Matera. The grand cathedral and the UNESCO listed cave houses can also be seen in the movie.

Gravina di Puglia, located in the province of Bari, was chosen by the crew because of the iconic two-level Roman bridge spanning a ravine. The stunt crew filmed a motorcycle scene in Puglia, while the scene where Bond jumps off the bridge was filmed in Gravina.

Filming has also taken place in the Sapri train station, reportedly, whose name was changed to the fictional town of Civita Lucana.

The Faroe Islands:

The Faroe Islands, known for its untouched nature including winding roads, tunnels through mountains, and sheer cliffs, is also a major filming location for ‘No Time To Die’. Considering the exotic nature of the island, it is surprising that the Bond franchise did not head there earlier, but locals believe the movie will lead to a growth in tourism. Filming has taken place on Kalsoy Island, which is in the northern part of the archipelago. The filming took place near Trollanes in Kalsoy.

Since a lot of aerial shots were taken, we expect to see some scenic views of the Faroe Islands unfolding in ‘No Time To Die’. The crew is likely to have gotten shots of vertiginous rock cliffs as well as untamed shorelines, while also capturing an epic valley covered in grass, along with a spiky mountain top.


The Scottish Highlands saw the filming for ‘No Time To Die’ take place, but one location must be mentioned, in relation to how a chase scene plays out. Ardverkie Estate, near Newtonmore, saw the climax of a chase scene where a Toyota Land Cruiser was being chased by Range Rovers. Locals described the excitement and the commotion caused by the scene, which helicopters and drones captured from above to be used in the movie.

Notably, the sequence is a continuation of a chase that starts on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, leading us to believe that Scotland’s sequence could stand in for Norway in the movie.


Quite a bit of filming for the new Bond movie took place in Nittedal, which is located just north of Norway’s capital Oslo. There are also some scenes that have been shot near the Storseisundet bridge in Norway. People who are very invested in the movie’s filming have reported that some scenes have also been shot near Langvann, which has a lake. Notably, there is a scene where a house can be seen. A leaked description of the scene suggests that a child shoots a first intruder, only to be chased by the second onto a frozen lake.

While filming for this scene took place at Lake Langvann, the house that plays an important role in the scene was actually constructed at Pinewood Studios before being shipped to the location.

London, England:

Being a British spy, it is obvious that Bond will come home to London at some point in the movie. Some of the exterior shots have been filmed in London, while most of the interiors have been shot in Pinewood Studios. That being said, filming crews were spotted in Whitehall and Hammersmith Bridge. Some filming also took place on the banks of Thames near the Rutland Arms pub.

Apart from London, reportedly, some scenes were shot at a Royal Air Force (RAF) base in the UK. Located at Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, there was an incident following the shooting, when a van was left abandoned on the base. Fearing a bomb scare, evacuations were carried out, and the film crew got a light slap on the wrist for leaving a van behind. Notably, ‘Mission: Impossible- Fallout‘ has been shot on the same base.

In conclusion, it is evident that ‘No Time To Die’ has been filmed at various locations all over the world, while using the facilities at Pinewood Studios for the rest. Knowing that the franchise is full of twists and turns, accentuated by the wonderful locations, we cannot wait to see how the new Bond movie makes use of the places to tell a gripping tale.

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