Did Laz Alonso Lose Weight for The Boys Season 4?

Image Credit: Jan Thijs/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘The Boys’ returns for a diabolical Season 4, as things get more heated with Homelander’s ever-increasing ambition taking the front seat while Billy Butcher finds himself on a six-month countdown. The entire team is fed up with Butcher’s lies, especially with him shooting up Compound V and his failed collaboration with Soldier Boy in the last season. Mother’s Milk, aka MM, takes charge of the team, which now has the CIA’s full backing as the threat of Victoria Neuman comes into the picture. A lot has changed since the last season, but the most visible change is in MM.

Laz Alonso Had a Weight Transformation Prior to Season 4

One of the core characters in ‘The Boys’ is Mother’s Milk, played by Laz Alonso. The character is known for his intimidating physique, which makes him quite an asset when it comes to fighting off the villains, in addition to the other specialties he brings to the table. He continues to be an invaluable asset for the team in Season 4 but seems to have lost significant weight. This change was the actor’s personal choice and not something the role specifically required of him.

In the past, 50-year-old Alonso talked about his wish to return to his 20s physique, knowing that it would require a lot more work. Clearly, the actor put that work into his lifestyle and dropped a few pounds to get into better shape. This change was noticed by the fans when the trailer dropper and when someone commented on his weight loss, he said he “had to trim it down, fam! Got carried away [with] too much pizza.”

The actor’s weight loss journey began after Season 3, and he talked about it on his Instagram. In a post made in December 2023, he talked about a specific brand and revealed how it had helped him figure out a better way to go about his health journey. He revealed that apart from exercise, changing his diet was one of the more significant changes he made to get the physique he had been vying for. He encouraged his fans to eat better, to skip eating anything junk, and to put pressure on their bodies to filter out all the unnecessary things. He also talked about taking a DNA test to figure out more things about themselves and plan a way to reach their health goals in a way that is tailored to them.

Considering that MM’s character in ‘The Boys’ doesn’t have any specific plot point that requires him to lose weight, it is clear that it was the actor’s choice to do so. The ‘Avatar’ and ‘Fast and Furious’ actor prioritized his health and decided to change his approach to it. While he does look a bit different, the change is for the better for the actor as well as the character.

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