Leave it to Geege’s Geege Taylor: Everything We Know

Lifetime’s ‘Leave It to Geege’ is an incredibly moving and heartwarming reality show that aims to help mothers of children living with autism by documenting Geege Taylor’s experience of raising her own autistic, non-verbal son. With the show detailing Geege’s past, her family, and the wonderful life she leads at present, fans are pretty intrigued to know everything there is about her. Well, fret not cause we come bearing answers!

Geege Taylor’s Age and Background

Although the TV show revolves around Geege and her family, Geege Taylor is quite private regarding her personal life and hasn’t disclosed her age in public. She even prefers keeping her family’s identity under wraps and refers to her parents as just Puddin and Pappy. However, it seems like Geege was brought up in a close-knit family as she began inculcating a deep familial bond right from a young age and still prioritizes her family over everything else. She attributes her success to her loving parents and, although secretive about everyone’s identity, loves documenting the memories they make together.

According to the show, Geege has battled breast cancer and lived to tell the tale. Although it is unclear when Geege was affected by the terrible disease, she rose to the challenge and met it face-on, ultimately defeating it and emerging as a survivor. At present, Geege prefers to blur biological boundaries and considers everyone in her personal support system as her family. It is lovely to witness her thriving after a challenging past, and we wish Geege the very best for the years to come.

Geege Taylor’s Profession

Unfortunately, Geege hasn’t provided a lot of details about her profession, but being a single mother of two, it seems like most of her time is taken up tending to her autistic, non-verbal teenage son. However, having dealt with her child’s autism for years, Geege is now an expert on the subject and advocates for others to accept the condition. She is also in a position to help other mothers with children on the autism spectrum and hopes to change the stigma and misconceptions surrounding the condition.

Speaking in an interview about her life’s mission and aim of the reality show, Geege said, “It’s very easy to judge a situation from the outside, so I hope that the show helps to demystify the unknown and eradicates prejudices surrounding autism and other marginalized populations. With so much hate and inequity among these marginalized communities in our society today, I would love to see more people actually celebrate what makes us all different.” Besides, it looks like Geege runs a few social media campaigns for brands and even has a YouTube show ‘Planet Poot,’ premiering in April.

Geege Taylor’s Former Husbands

Reports state that Geege Taylor was previouslyy married life and is now twice divorced. However, Geege kept the details about her ex-husbands under wraps and has refrained from naming them in the public sphere. Thus, owing to her preference for privacy, it is practically impossible to guess their identities.

Geege Taylor’s Dating Life

Sources have revealed that Geege is now in a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend, Mark, who forms an integral part of her innermost support circle. Mark is highly supportive when it comes to Geege and her loved ones. He has also grown quite close to Geege’s children and is already considered a part of their family. It is pretty nice to witness Geege feel happy and comfortable with Mark after the rocky past she had to endure.

Geege Taylor’s Children

Geege Taylor is a single mother of two and shares an incredibly close relationship with her daughter, Harper, and her teenage son, Pootie. The show ‘Leave It to Geege’ mainly revolves around Geege’s experiences with raising Pootie, who is non-verbal and on the autism spectrum. Even then, she treats him like a normal human being, documenting his everyday antics on social media. Pootie, too, is quite close to his mother and is unable to imagine a day without her.

On the other hand, Geege’s daughter, Harper, is a massive asset to the family as she is incredibly accepting of her brother and shares a tremendously close bond with him. Making up an important part of Pootie and Geege’s support system, Harper has stood like a rock beside her family and is immensely proud to call them her own. Harper also shares an intimate bond with Geege, and her mother has often expressed her gratitude for being blessed with two wonderful children. Witnessing their familial bond is sure to fill one with joy, and we wish Geege and her family all the happiness for the coming years.

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