Lebo and Nolla: The Ultimatum South Africa Couple Have Called it Quits

Embarking on an extreme journey to seek clarity in a relationship is not a task for the faint-hearted. Yet, this is precisely the path chosen by six couples in Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa,’ where one partner issues a final ultimatum regarding marriage. The show mandates spending time with other contestants as temporary partners before reuniting with the original partner to evolve and strengthen their bond. While some couples found success through the experiment, Lebogang B Sephaphathi and Nolla had quite a rough ride. Audiences eagerly anticipated whether they would emerge unscathed or succumb to the mounting pressure from the experiment.

Nolla Cheated on Lebo During the Show

Lebogang B Sephaphathi and Nolla entered the show in deep love with each other. Lebo expressed her admiration for Nolla by listing all the things she liked about him, stating that there was nothing she didn’t like. Similarly, Nolla believed he had found a life partner in Lebo. However, their relationship faced challenges due to Nolla’s ineffective communication. Lebo felt uncertain about Nolla’s seriousness regarding their relationship, as he never clearly articulated his reasons for not wanting to get married.

Lebo expressed concerns about Nolla’s behavior, feeling that he was too flirtatious with other girls and not completely honest with her. In response, Nolla defended himself, stating that he was merely friendly and remained committed to Lebo, intending to leave the season with her by his side. However, when it came time for them to pair up with different partners for three weeks, Nolla interacted warmly with all the female contestants, showcasing his humorous and charming side. Ultimately, Ruth chose him as her partner, while Lebo found honesty and connection with Aiden, whom she invited to be her partner, and he agreed.

Lebo found a connection in her candid conversations with Aiden, sharing essential aspects of her life with him. Though they both acknowledged that their relationship wouldn’t evolve romantically, Lebo valued the friendship they developed and saw her participation in the experiment as an opportunity for self-discovery. Meanwhile, rumors of Nolla’s infidelity began to surface, with Ruth, the woman he allegedly cheated with, feeling compelled to disclose the truth to Lebo. She seized a private moment to inform Lebo about Nolla’s actions.

Lebo was stunned by the revelation, struggling to come to terms with Nolla’s betrayal. Confronting him proved futile as he evaded her, avoiding any direct discussion about his actions. Despite receiving support from Aiden and Ruth, Lebo grappled with the emotional fallout, finding solace in their comforting presence but ultimately facing the harsh reality on her own.

Nolla May be Trying to Win Lebo Back

When Lebogang B Sephaphathi confronted Nolla about the betrayal, he offered no satisfactory explanation. He attempted to justify his actions by attributing them to the circumstances with Ruth, claiming that living together had led to their involvement. However, neither Lebo nor Nolla saw any merit in salvaging their relationship, deeming their participation in the experiment pointless. Consequently, Lebo decided to leave the season in the middle, with Nolla following suit. Since then, they have not reconciled and have drifted apart, no longer playing a role in each other’s lives.

Lebo pursued Technology Corporate Management from 2016 to 2019, following which she achieved qualification through the RE5 FAIS regulatory exam, indicating her proficiency in financial services regulations. She furthered her education at the Moonstone Business School of Excellence and specializes in operating systems and help desk support. Lebo holds certifications in the Finance Intelligence Centre Act and Class of Business Long-Term Insurance.

Since 2019, she has been employed as a Claims Administrator at M-Sure, leveraging her expertise in financial regulations and administrative skills. Known for her unique sense of style, Lebo fearlessly embraces her individuality, supported by her circle of friends and family. With her unwavering support for her loved ones, Lebo is poised to carve her path and flourish amidst the love that surrounds her.

Nolla is an entrepreneur who has established his business supplying purified water and ice to various customer bases. With diverse packaging options, he invests significant time and effort into promoting his venture. His pursuits are complemented by his passion for travel, having explored destinations like Dubai and South Korea. He is also politically vocal and often shares insights and opinions on pertinent matters. Currently, Nolla is actively engaged in parenting his young daughter, prioritizing his role as a father. Despite sharing a birthday picture for Nolla in March 2024, there has been no acknowledgment from her, hinting at Nolla’s potential efforts to reconcile the relationship.

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