The Ultimatum South Africa Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

The premise of Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa’ invites drama as six couples navigate the complexities of love and commitment. From seasoned partnerships to budding romances, each couple starts their journey shaped by the ultimatums issued within their relationships. Throughout the experiment, tensions rise, and emotions run high as participants grapple with the prospect of marriage and the allure of new connections. While some couples find clarity and reaffirmation in their bond, others confront unexpected challenges that test the very foundation of their relationship. In the first season, the viewers were treated to a full exploration of human nature, with the diverse interplay of personalities and desires on display, making for great television.

Khanya and Nkateko Have Gone Separate Ways

Nkateko Mahange and Khanya Nqolase kicked off the first season with high hopes, exuding confidence in each other’s commitment. As the contestants paired up for the three-week run, Khanya partnered with Issac, while Nkateko found company with Sizakele. However, jealousy soon reared its head as Khanya grew envious of the budding chemistry between Nkateko and Sizakele, sparking numerous heated arguments. When Nkateko eventually proposed to Khanya towards the end of the season, offering a promise ring with plans for marriage shortly, Khanya wasn’t satisfied and declined. Their once solid seven-year relationship crumbled during the experiment.

Nkateko Mahange has established himself as a seasoned sales and business strategy professional, currently serving as the Sales and Strategist Manager at Vividaret. His communications and business strategy journey began after graduating from IIE MSA with a Bachelor’s in Commerce in 2016. Over the years, he has honed his skills at renowned firms like MYS Agency, Pinnabill, and Cubic P Hygiene. Residing in Johannesburg, Nkateko embraces the single life, relishing moments with friends, hitting the gym, and navigating his newfound status as a reality TV celebrity and entrepreneur.

On the other hand, Khanya Nqolase is venturing into digital influence, fueled by aspirations to make her mark in the online sphere. However, the most precious blessing in her life arrived in January 2024 in the form of her baby boy. She expressed gratitude for the fulfillment of her wish, made on her birthday in 2023, and is cherishing the journey of motherhood. Recently, Khanya collaborated with ChelinoBaby, hinting at promising opportunities in the world of brand partnerships awaiting her.

Courtney and Aiden Promised to Marry Each Other

Initially perceived as reserved, Courtney and Aiden surprised everyone by embracing the opportunity to explore connections with other contestants during the “trial marriage” phase. For Courtney, partnering with Genesis revealed the depth of her bond with Aiden, while witnessing the drama in Aiden’s partnership with Lebo made him realize Courtney was his perfect match. Overcoming their fears, Aiden proposed to Courtney, who reciprocated with a promise ring, symbolizing the start of their lifelong journey. Preferring to keep their personal life private, the couple hasn’t shared details beyond the show, leaving fans to speculate about the bliss they likely enjoy in their marriage.

Sizakele and Lindile Are Still Engaged

Sizakele Dhlamini and Lindile Nibe had only been together for six months when Lindile surprised her with a marriage proposal backed by an ultimatum. He explained that after experiencing numerous relationships, he was certain Sizakele was the one he wanted to spend his life with, so there was no need to delay. Although hesitant, Sizakele was drawn to Nkateko during their three-week stint, feeling a stronger connection with him. Similarly, Lindile formed a genuine bond with Thabi. However, when the time came to pop the question, Lindile proposed to Sizakele, who ultimately accepted.

It appears that Lindile and Sizakele are still engaged, although they have not tied the knot yet. Sizakele occasionally showcases her engagement ring, and Lindile continues to support her on social media. However, sightings of them together have been scarce, which could be attributed to their busy work schedules. Sizakele holds two jobs as an administrative assistant at E Lean Connect and has previously provided student academic services at her alma mater, the University of Free State. Additionally, she serves as an event coordinator, managing various events, including weddings and business functions.

Lindile is actively pursuing a career in acting and modeling. He works as a fitness model and has previously appeared on television, including the second season of ‘The Masked Singer South Africa’ in 2023 and ETV’s ‘The Black Door’ in 2022. Lindile is associated with Mr. Body Beautiful, a talent agency in South Africa, and strives to maintain visibility in the industry. He has been spotted at events like the Hey Neighbor Fest and the AFI Fashion Week and has modeled for Bogart Man, a clothing brand.

Ruth and Issac Have Ended Their Relationship

From the outset, Ruth Khathide and Issac Kaninda faced significant challenges. Ruth felt that Issac was avoiding her and hadn’t introduced her to his family, which made her doubt his commitment. Issac reassured her that he preferred to take things at his own pace. When Ruth formed a connection with Nolla, tensions heightened, especially after Issac learned of Ruth’s infidelity; despite his belief that Nolla influenced Ruth, Issac struggled to come to terms with the betrayal. He even showed Ruth the engagement ring he planned to propose with, but ultimately, he expressed that his trust had been shattered, leading to the end of their relationship.

Ruth, a Tshwane University of Technology graduate, transitioned into a new career path and is pursuing legal assistance studies. She serves as a paralegal at Malebye & Maleho Attorneys and also holds a role as a law enforcement officer. Embracing her passion for the arts, Ruth identifies as a “thespian” and actively engages in theater performances with the Newcastle Arts Development Organization. Currently single, Ruth prioritizes her personal growth and career, placing less emphasis on actively seeking a romantic relationship.

Issac is a versatile professional, excelling as an established filmmaker, director of photography, scriptwriter, and editor. He is the founder of Izzy Film Pro, a prominent film and media production company, where he serves as a director and director of photography. He also collaborates with renowned entities such as Netflix, Flyface Media House, and Glueisticks, offering his expertise as a freelance director and videographer. His remarkable contributions to the industry have earned him recognition, including the Best Director award in 2020 for the short film ‘HER.’ He has also significantly contributed to acclaimed telenovelas like ‘The River and ‘Diep City.’ Issac’s latest project, ‘Deadlock,’ where he serves as a director, is slated for release on Netflix soon.

Lebo and Nolla Are No Longer Together

Lebogang B Sephaphathi and Nolla had been together for a year and a half when they joined the show’s inaugural season. Lebo voiced her discomfort with Nolla’s habit of being overly friendly and flirting with other girls, while Nolla defended his behavior, stating it was just his personality without any malicious intent. However, tensions arose during the show when Nolla grew close to his trial marriage partner, Ruth. When Lebo discovered they had become sexually involved, she felt deeply hurt and disrespected, prompting her to leave the show immediately. Nolla followed suit, ending their experiment prematurely.

Lebo, holding a degree in Technology Corporate Management from the Moonstone Business School of Excellence, currently serves as a claims administrator at M-Sure. She is proficient in operating systems and help desk support and is certified in the Finance Intelligence Centre Act and Class of Business Long-Term Insurance. Despite facing challenges on the show, she remains resilient and is forging ahead in her professional journey, garnering accolades. Focused on self-growth, she has moved on from her past relationship with Nolla and is dedicated to her personal development.

Nolla, on the other hand, has ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing his own company, Ivati Water Company Pvt Ltd. This company provides iced and ordinary refillable water bottles to businesses and individuals. While traces of his relationship with Lebo can still be found on his social media, he is primarily focused on his daughter and building his business.

Thabi and Genesis Seem to Be Headed Towards Marriage

With seven years of history together, Mmathabo Thabi Mokoen and Genesis GB appeared to be a formidable couple from the start. However, when the experiment required them to spend time with different partners, Thabi was drawn to Lindile’s confidence and the prospect of a fresh start. This left Genesis feeling anxious about the future of their relationship. Despite his fears, she eagerly accepted when Genesis proposed to Thabi, reaffirming their commitment to each other.

Thabi Mokoena, a vibrant presence in her professional and personal life, navigates her career at Sasfin with grace and determination. Her social media portrays her as a modern-day cupid, delighting in the matchmaking endeavors of her friends while embracing the vivacity of youth. Despite the absence of her ring in recent posts, signaling a delay in wedding plans, Thabi’s bond with Genesis remains strong. His heartfelt Valentine’s Day tribute is a testament to their enduring love, even as they prioritize individual growth and exploration.

Genesis GB is a multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, carving his path in the creative realm from his base in Rustenburg. Formerly associated with Eduvos SA, he now pours his soul into his musical endeavors, captivating audiences with his performances and compositions. His journey as a performer and singer unfolds against the backdrop of his entrepreneurial ventures, reflecting his dynamic spirit and unwavering dedication to his craft.

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