Thabi and Genesis: Is The Ultimatum Couple Still Together?

In Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa,’ six couples at various relationship stages join an experiment where one partner in each couple issues an ultimatum for marriage. For three weeks during the experiment, they can explore a “trial marriage” with other contestants, ultimately deciding whether to stay with their original partners, choose someone new, or remain single. Thiba and Genesis, a couple from the first season, caught much attention due to their shared strong history. Their willingness to work with each other, understanding themselves, and using the chance to work on their relationship made audiences cheer for their success.

Thabi and Genesis Found Their Way Back to Each Other

Mmathabo Thabby Mokoena and Genesis GB revealed they had been in a relationship for over seven years. Thabi felt it was time to take the next step and get married, having asked Genesis multiple times. However, Genesis consistently expressed concerns about financial readiness and readiness for marriage. Feeling increasingly frustrated and realizing they could build the life Genesis envisioned together, Thabi issued the ultimatum for marriage.

Thabi and Genesis expressed their participation in the experiment to understand each other better and strengthen their relationship. Initially, this decision gave them a positive start. However, tensions arose during the first mixer when Thabi noticed Genesis giving more attention to other women, leading her to feel ignored. As they moved forward to select partners for the “trial marriage,” she chose Lindile, while he opted for Courtney. Despite apprehensions, Thabi found in Lindile a partner who listened to and paid attention to her, qualities she felt were lacking in Genesis.

Thabi and Lindile’s rapid closeness didn’t sit well with Genesis, particularly as his relationship with Courtney progressed slowly. He confessed feeling uneasy seeing Thabi happy with someone else while he struggled to establish essential intimacy. However, a yoga session led to Genesis and Courtney becoming closer, although their connection never progressed beyond friendship. Meanwhile, Thabi and Lindile shared moments of intimacy, with Lindile even introducing Thabi to his family. He expressed clearly that he wanted to get married, and if Thabi was ready, he could think about it seriously.

When Thabi and Genesis started living together, they didn’t take long to slip back into a familiar rhythm. They realized the time apart had given them space to appreciate each other more. Genesis began noticing Thabi’s preferences, and she started seeing him in a new light. By the show’s end, Genesis is sure that Thabi is the woman he wants to spend his life with, although he is uncertain whether her bond with Lindile will overshadow their years of romance. Thabi ultimately said yes to Genesis’ proposal, marking the beginning of their happily ever after.

Thabi and Genesis are Taking Their Time Before Tying the Knot

Despite maintaining a robust relationship, Mmathabo Thabi Mokoena and Genesis GB have yet to marry. Recent social media posts from Thabi show her without her ring, suggesting that wedding plans may not be on the immediate horizon. The couple prioritizes other aspects of their lives before tying the knot. Thabi is employed at Sasfin, a banking and financial services group, and resides in Midrand, Gauteng.

Currently, Thabi is busy playing matchmaker for her friends, fully embracing the role of a young woman living life to the fullest. She’s experimenting with her style, rocking a vibrant pink hairdo and flaunting adorable outfits with flair. Even though her lawyer job at MacRobert Attorneys keeps her occupied, she engages Genesis’ heart. He expressed his deep affection for her in a touching Valentine’s Day post in 2024. While Genesis was previously employed at Eduvos SA, a higher education provider, he now focuses on his artistic endeavors as a performer, singer, and entrepreneur based in Rustenburg.

In the vibrancy of their lives, their family remains an anchor for Thabi and Genesis. Their social media snippets unveil a duo deeply connected yet seemingly unbothered by the clamor for wedding bells. Amidst the hustle and bustle of their careers, Thabi’s radiant presence graces the sands of beachfront locales like Eden on the Bay, where she effortlessly exudes her love for water and adventure. Meanwhile, Genesis is a force to be reckoned with in the music world, pouring his soul into each note and beat, his passion evident in every performance. Given their geographical distance and youthful pursuits, it’s understandable that they’re taking their time before embarking on the journey of marriage.

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