Riah and Trey: Is The Ultimatum Couple Still in Love?

While there’s no denying relationships are hard work, things get a lot more complicated if the individuals involved aren’t on the same page in terms of when to start establishing a future together. This much is clearly evidenced in Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,’ wherein five couples attempt to overcome their every difference by really delving deep into what and who they desire. Amongst them in season 2 were actually Jeriah “Riah” Nyree and Treyvon “Trey” Brunson — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them as well as their current standing, we’ve got you covered.

Riah and Trey’s The Ultimatum Journey

It was back in the early 2020s when Trey first came across Riah through a dating app, only to soon fall head over heels despite the fact he was initially under the impression her profile was fake. However, it turned out both she as well as her own affection for him were very much real, driving them to soon decide her moving in with him would be much, much better than being long-distance. That’s how their relationship really strengthened, but as time went on, they both felt one another growing rather careless in their involvement as they just could not find themselves to be on the same page.

While Riah felt as if Trey was lacking in terms of outright romance, he made it clear he thought her expectations were sky-high owing to social media and that she herself never planned for their future together. Thus came an ultimatum from the 29-year-old’s side — he had a partner he loved, a job to make him financially secure, plus a good home, so he wanted to take the next step. Yet what he failed to realize was his love’s single-parent household upbringing was much different than his, so the idea of marriage to her was not just scary but something she truly hadn’t seriously contemplated before.

As a result, they found themselves at a crossroads and hence on the steps of ‘The Ultimatum,’ only for it to quickly make them realize a lot of personal points. Riah actually felt as if she wasn’t good enough for Trey, but once she really began trying, it became evident she loved him just as much as he loved her, and the only issue between them was real communication. Unfortunately, though, while she realized all this during her trial marriage with James Morris, his trial union with Ryann McCracken went so steady smooth that his self-reflection eventually evolved into him developing some feelings for the latter.

Thankfully James never once hid his emotions or his intentions with either women, so even though Riah was hurt upon hearing the news, she couldn’t hold it against him as he’d simply immersed himself in the process. That’s how they really began diving into their real yearnings with one another, and then their issue became not the fact of whether there was love between them but how they planned to move forward with it all. The fact she found it hard to let go of the hurt and wanted to reside in the city for a year only made things challenging, especially as Trey didn’t want to move out of the suburbs, plus he didn’t know how to get her to forgive him.

Riah and Trey are Still Blissfully Together

Thankfully, by the time Ultimatum Day rolled around, both Riah and Trey had realized they only wanted to spend the rest of their lives with one another, leading them to get engaged. It had initially seemed like the former wasn’t as invested in her relationship as her long-term partner, yet she soon proved through her actions she did love him more than anything else. Even the latter was gradually able to make her see that despite the fact he’d started developing an emotional bond with someone else, she was always his top priority; it was always her in the back of his mind. Neither of them was interested in thinking of a complete future with someone else.

It thus comes as no surprise Riah and Try are still blissfully together; in fact, according to their own narrative in the reunion special, they plan to tie the knot in a destination wedding in Spring 2025. The truth is the 25-year-old Managing Server and the 29-year-old Paper Mill Area Manager still have their issues, yet they’re now at such a stage where they know they can do it together. The couple has actually made a lot of progress in this aspect — they admit they can now have difficult conversations without one of them just losing their cool or simply getting up to walk away.

In fact, with Riah and Trey’s indication that they’re aligned on the belief they could gradually work things out together rather than rushing into things or having the latter plan everything, we believe they’ll make it in the long run. Plus, one of Riah’s major issues was financial as well as social independence, and her social media platforms make it clear she has advanced a lot in this area as well. Neither he nor she has since indicated their plans for the living situation or future, but we’re remaining optimistic as their romance was one of the most honest ones throughout this iteration.

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