Roxanne and Antonio: Is The Ultimatum Couple Still Dating?

With Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On‘ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a true insight into how love relationships are never as straightforward as they seem. After all, this original series revolves around a group of complex individuals as they attempt to navigate the crossroads they’ve arrived at while on their way to attaining future familial stability. Amongst them were actually Roxanne Kaiser and Antonio Mattei in season 2 — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them as well as their current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Roxanne and Antonio’s The Ultimatum Journey

From the moment Roxanne and Antonio first came across one another, the latter knew she was much more than what anybody believed her to be — that she was possibly “wife material” for him. However, it wasn’t until years later that he got to explicitly express the same upon getting together following a social media reconnection, only to realize their mutual love was not enough. He also knew they had their fair share of issues by the time their four-year anniversary rolled around considering they’d been on and off, but he did genuinely think they could work things out.

Though little did Antonio comprehend that planning a wedding was the last thing on this ambitious, career-focused 31-year-old’s mind despite her admitted love as well as affection for him. That’s primarily because Roxanne had always dreamt of having a life partner whose business acumen, finances, overall goals, etc., matched hers, and he just didn’t meet any of her expectations. Moreover, there was the aspect of pure respect — while the 30-year-old Freight Broker didn’t initially believe this, some of their arguments did imply she thought herself to be better than him.

On the other hand, Antonio clarified that although he truly admired her drive, he also needed her to be proactive concerning their own bond by paying more attention to him or voicing her feelings. Thus came his ultimatum with the hope it’d put a kind of pressure on her that’ll genuinely make her understand not only the seriousness of his proposal but also the idea of marriage as a whole. He essentially wanted her to see that their union would not take away from her independence yet rather support her in the future, which her trial marriage with Alex Chapman did help in.

“I love Antonio, but I had a lot of high expectations,” Roxanne conceded early on. “I want someone who works really hard and is ambitious, and that’s just not Antonio… He knows I’m extremely, extremely career-focused; I don’t know why I’d put marriage in the middle of things all going in the right direction.” But in the end, upon actively trying to build a career, he again asserted he’d be her champion if they tied the knot even though he knew it wouldn’t be exactly reciprocated. “I would always go above and beyond for you…,” he said. “waking up in the morning trying to do the right thing.”

Roxanne and Antonio Are Happily Together

While Roxanne expressed she doesn’t think she can ever say she’d be Antonio’s champion at every step of the way in life, the 31-year-old did voice she knew she’d be a great wife overall. “I think I’m considerate,” the Pasted Nip entrepreneur said. “I think I usually put people in front of me. That’s my nature, so I feel like I’ll put [Antonio] first,” to which he added, “and you’d be thoughtful. You’d be thinking about our future as a family, and that’s also why I would be a good husband, for all those things.” So, despite not knowing what she’d decide until the very end, she said yes to Antonio’s proposal.

But alas, as per Roxanne and Antonio’s own narratives during the reunion special, she took off his ring the following day as it wasn’t the right size, plus it felt too much for her too soon. “I’m not planning a wedding. I am moving very slow,” the admittedly overwhelmed and worried entrepreneur later told People. “I’m not doing well with that part. It’s going to happen… I just need some time.” The truth is her beau not only got the ring resized but also got her a couple of beautiful pairing rings, yet she hasn’t ever worn any of them even though she insists they are, in fact, still engaged to be married.

On the other hand, we should mention Antonio has since established a car business to be the kind of man his partner has always wanted, so it seems like this duo is still gradually working things through. “I’m not even close to the person that I was when I was on that show to who I am today,” he recently shared. “A big part of the fire that was lit for me was hearing everybody say all [the negative stuff on the show], and I finally had that internal dialogue like, ‘All right, it’s time to get my act together and not make any more excuses.’ So that’s exactly what I did.”

As for their connection, while Antonio said, “Life is so good, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never been more sure that I’m on the right path in my whole life. I’m so happy in my relationship. Roxanne’s a phenomenal partner. We truly bring the best out of each other and I’ve never been more confident about anything before,” Roxanne added, “Oh my god, I’m so happy. No regrets. I never would’ve been where I am now [without ‘The Ultimatum’]. Our families are closer. Antonio and I are closer. It’s been awesome.”

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