Lêda and Darlei Pisetta: Bernardo Pisetta’s Parents Miss Him Even Today

Netflix’s ‘From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire that Shook Brazilian Football,’ AKA ‘O Ninho: Futebol & Tragédia,’ focuses on the families of those who perished in the fire in Flamengo Soccer Club’s Vulture’s Nest Training Center. The incident in question led to the loss of ten promising lives, including that of Bernardo Pisetta. His parents, Lêda and Darlei Pisetta, had been extremely proud of all that he had achieved in his tragically short life and shared their candid feelings in the documentary series. This has earned them the heartfelt sympathies of many of the viewers, who hope that the two have been able to grieve properly.

Lêda and Darlei Pisetta’s Happiness Turned Into a Devastating Loss

Both Lêda and Darlei Pisetta have been soccer fans for a very long time and have always encouraged Bernardo Pisetta’s love for the sport. While Lêda’s family has long been Flamengo fans, Darlei and his family are supporters of Fluminense. Despite the rivalry, Darlei had insisted to Bernardo from a young age that he should be a Flamengo fan. The boy in question developed skills as a goalkeeper, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, who was also a goalkeeper.

Hence, Bernardo’s selection for Flamengo was a huge deal for Lêda and Darlei, as well as his family. The father recalled how dropping off his son at Vulture’s Nest had been an emotional experience for him. He confessed that after he and his son separated, Darlei had cried all the way back home. As such, he had made his wife Lêda promise that she would never make him drop off Bernardo alone. The couple shared that his son and his friends had developed a strong bond as they lived without parents and had to figure out many things on their own.

Lêda confessed that Bernardo had never complained about the accommodation at Vulture’s Nest. However, she felt that it might have been due to her son not caring about it at all and being just happy with such a crucial opportunity. She revealed how she and Darlei had gotten to know about the fire at Vulture’s Nest on February 8, 2019, not through any official channels but through a message that her aunt had shared in the family group chat. When the couple decided to check the internet to learn more details, they realized just how severe the situation was.

Immediately, Lêda and Darlei tried to contact their son or any other person they thought might provide them with an update. When they received no news, they initially tried to justify it by saying that maybe Bernardo’s phone had run out of minutes and that the power had been cut off due to the fire. When Darlei did get in contact with someone, he was told that they did not have any updates regarding his son at the minute. As such, the couple decided to travel to Vulture’s Nest themselves. However, just after they had parked their car at the airport, they were messaged by Bernardo’s grandfather that he had passed away in the fire.

Where are Lêda and Darlei Pisetta Now?

The death of Bernardo Pisetta devastated Lêda and Darlei Pisetta, who were trying their best to navigate the huge loss. The whole family mourned alongside them and could not help but feel cheated that Bernardo’s life and dreams were cut short in such a tragic manner. Lêda and Darlei shared in the Netflix documentary not only their son’s loss but also the grueling process they went through during the discussion of compensation.

Lêda and Darlei shed light on how they had initially thought the negotiation process was going well, only to realize soon that Flamengo’s administration was not ready to take responsibility for the accident and apologize for the same. In fact, they even shared a touching tribute for Bernardo that the Fulminise club had shared with them. The parents stated that the moving letter and a Fulminise shield bearing Bernardo’s name had meant to them much more than anything Flamengo had then, pointing out that what they had expected the latter to do was done by the rival team.

Following various rounds of negotiations, Lêda and Darleu entered a confidential agreement with the Flamengo club, the details of which remain unknown to the public. Given the huge loss that they suffered, it is not a surprise that continue to miss Bernardo. They also take every opportunity possible to share their pride in the accomplishment of their son Murilo Pisetta. The family as a whole continues to pay tribute to Bernardo and have never failed in thanking those who have stood by them through their pair.

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