Lee Jang-Kun: Where is The Physical 100 Contestant Now?

When watching Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100,’ it is easy to fall in awe of the contestants who give it their all to establish a prominent presence of their own in the competition. Consider season 2’s Lee Jang-Kun, an athlete who was determined to try as hard as he could to retain a place in the show by using his physical strength and strategic mind. While his on-screen journey was not the easiest, he did gain much respect from the viewers and fellow contestants thanks to his performance.

Lee Jang-Kun Got a Second Chance on the Show

Renowned for his skills in Kabaddi, Lee Jang-Kun was one of the more recognized athletes among the hundred who had decided to participate in the second iteration of the show. Based on the results of Quest 0, he was set to participate in a death match against Choi Wan-Jae. Lee’s prowess as a Kabaddi player certainly shone bright as he was able to defeat his competition and pave a path for himself to the next round. In fact, he became so popular that many wanted to be on his team for the next round.

As such, before Quest 2 could commence, it was revealed that Lee Jang-Kun was the tenth leader to be selected based on popularity. This meant that he got to choose his own team of players, though it also meant that he had to wait for his fellow leaders to choose first before picking each one of his teammates. Nevertheless, he was able to form a strong team thanks to the companionship of Kim Hyeong-Kyu, Kim Amugae, Go Min-Jung, and Hong Da-Eun.

Since Kim Dong-Hyun and Hong Beom-Seok had chosen to challenge his team, Lee decided to face the latter and his team in the challenge. Despite Lee and his team’s efforts, certain errors led them to lose their capture points within the maze, making Hong and his teammates the winners. This meant that Lee was one of the 25 who now had a chance to be back in the competition if they were able to successfully meet the criteria given to them in Quest 2.5

Lee made good progress in the survival challenge by first being in the Top 10 and then becoming part of the Top 5. However, he was unable to secure a place in the final two, with Jung Ji-Hyun ultimately claiming victory. Jung now had a chance to revive four other players whom he would work alongside as a part of his team. Lee ended up being the second person behind Amotti to join this team, with the final five of the group all being former team leaders.

This meant that Lee’s team now seemed to be having a strong advantage. Not only did the easily win the pre-quest challenge before Quest 3, but they worked easily together in the third major round of competition. In fact, by the time this particular challenge was over, Lee’s team had secured 10 points, ensuring that they now had a path to the next round of the competition. Having closely avoided elimination, Lee was determined not to lose any new chances given to him.

Lee Jang-Kun is Now Enjoying Marital Bliss

As of writing, Lee Jang-Kun seems to have left the Pro Kabaddi League behind him. For the first six iterations of the series, he had been a part of Bengal Warriors but then switched to Patna Pirates in the seventh season. However, he has not returned to the league for its last three iterations. That said, he still retains a significant fan following of the fans of the tournament, many of whom would undoubtedly be delighted to see him back.

Instead, it seems like Lee has become involved in the entertainment industry. Since 2022, he has been on the Korean show ‘King of Wrestling.’ Additionally, he has been on shows like ‘ King of Mask Singer’ and ‘Let’s Play Soccer 2.’ His presence in the Netflix series also seems to be a good indication of his openness to be more involved in the world of television. He is also involved in various sports-related ventures and still retains a love for Kabaddi. On a more personal note, the athlete is happily married to Lee Aeng-Ja. The couple seemingly got married in 2022 and seemed to be very much in love. With over 110K Instagram followers, Lee is also known for partnering with various brands to promote their products.

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