Is Physical 100 Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100’ garnered the attention of many due to its thrilling premise and spectacular cast. The Korean reality series is a series of quests that the participants must complete in order to progress and claim victory. The last person standing would be declared to have possibly the ideal physique. However, it is not only honor that is at stake for the competitors as they also have the chance to win 300 million won. Since its premiere, the show has kept the viewers captivated due to the apparent real-life stakes.

After all, the participants have much to prove about themselves and those in their field when it comes to physical perfection. The format of the competition is another reason why it has garnered so much attention, as many have compared it to the likes of ‘Squid Games.’ However, many of the viewers are also curious about just how authentic the show is. Are the events showcased to the audience as real as they seem to be? Well, we are here to explore the possibilities and share what we believe about the nature of the Netflix fitness series.

Is Physical: 100 Scripted?

We do not believe that ‘Physical: 100’ is completely scripted. As far as we understand, viewers might not be able to view each and every second of the competition, but that is likely due to the time constraints that the show has rather than any apparent need for deception from the side of the showrunners. What the audience does get to see is a grand celebration of fitness with an elaborate set, meticulously planned events, and talented competitors.

One of the biggest reasons why we believe that the show is genuine as they claim to be is the well-known identity of its participants. Many of the cast members featured in the show are well-known not just within the fitness industry but among the general public. Participants like Agent H and Choo Sung-hoon were already famous before they stepped foot in the show. The same can be said for Cha Hyun-seung, Kang Han, and Yun Sung-bin, who are accomplished within their respective field.

Given that the cast of the show includes various Olympians, international athletes, and entertainment artists, it is unlikely that they would agree to take part in a competition meant to have only one winner. Their performance on the show is not just a reflection of their own skills but also of the discipline they represent. As such, every one of them possibly gives the competition all they have in order to prove their fitness prowess. The possibility that they might be participating for fame seems unlikely, given the love they already had before stepping into the show.

That is not to say that some of the cast members did not gain a significant amount of recognition, but that does seem to go hand in hand with being a reality TV star. The only part of the series that one might think of as pre-determined is the show’s format. However, the outcomes of each and every part of the challenges seem to be totally up to the performance of the participants. In fact, the early elimination of Agent H in the first season of the show only seems to confirm the show’s authenticity as the former sniper in a well-known internet celebrity.

In fact, the events shown in the competition have always been riddled with unexpected twists that often seem contrary to what the viewers may desire the most. Additionally, when it comes to choosing their competitors for different quests, no single decision seems to be stemming from the side of the showrunners. During such competitions, it is left up to the participants to choose who they would want to compete against or whom they would like to team up with.

Not every competitor gets what they want, as their performance in previous challenges and popularity among fellow fitness enthusiasts often result in various forms of advantages. In other words, ‘Physical: 100’ does not seem to be a scripted series. The events of the competition showcase a conscious effort from the side of the showrunners to keep the outcomes as fair as possible and not be affected by anyone but the participants. The number of accomplished athletes and fitness enthusiasts also adds to the credibility of the series. While the grandeur of the show might give some an unrealistic feeling, it only serves to add more thrill to the competitions that are to come.

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