Yun Sung Bin: Where is Skeleton Racer From Physical 100 Now?

Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ introduces viewers to several well-respected names within the field of bodybuilding, athletics, and fitness. This includes Yun Sung-bin, whose fame was already relatively high before he ever appeared in the Korean reality show. His performance in the fitness competition helped him earn even more fans who could not get enough of the celebrated skeleton racer. Naturally, people are eager to know more about the athlete and his current whereabouts.

Who is Yun Sung-bin?

Born on May 23, 2994, in Namhae, South Korea, Yun Sung-bin has been a determined athlete since he was a young boy. In fact, he would ask to be moved 10 meters behind the others in his age group while running 100-meter races. Despite the self-imposed disadvantage, Yun ended up winning these events. Since he was in middle school, the reality TV star was determined to enter a sports university. Needless to say, his admission to Korea National Sports University was a dream come true for him.

At 18, in the year 2012, Yun started himself in the field of skeleton racing. With only three months of training, he went on to win the national championship in September of the same year. This led to his international debut in the 2012-2013 season and participation in the 2013–14 FIBT Intercontinental Cup Tour, where he bagged the fifth position. Thanks to his victory in the sixth round of the tour in the Canadian municipality of Whistler, Yun became the first-ever Korean skeleton racer to earn gold in an international event.

Yun’s first Olympics appearance was in 2014, when he came 16th. However, he made up for it by earning gold in the 2018 Winter Olympics held in his home country. This victory helped Yun establish another record as he was the first person outside Europe and the US to bag a medal position in an Olympic sliding event. He also became the first-ever South Korean athlete to stand on the podium for a non-sliding Winter Olympic competition.

Over the years, Yun has participated in several World Cup events and even won medals. He claimed the second position during the 2015-2016 and 2016-207 events. He went on to bag the gold medal during the 2017-2018 championship and was the runner-up in the following round (2018-2019). The following year saw Yun win the third prize and fans cheering him on throughout the competition.

Where is Yun Sung-bin Now?

Given Yun Sung-bin’s victory against Lee Dae-won in the first quest of the Netflix show, fans are eager to see what else the skeleton racer has in store for his fans. His performance has only endeared him to his admirers, who cannot get enough of him as he confidently strides ahead in the competition. Within the field of skeleton sliding, Yun is well-known for his athletic talents and appearance.

As it turns out, Yun uses a helmet resembling Iron Man’s character. The red and gold scheme of his helmet has led many to compare the speed displayed by the Olympian and the swift motions that the Marvel superhero is known for. This has led Yun to be dubbed the “Korean Iron Man,” a title he seems pretty happy with. His skills in the sports area certainly carried over to the Netflix competition, and it is not just the viewers complimenting him. Despite losing the knockout match to Yun, Lee Dae-won could not help but praise his competitor’s strength and agility.

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