Where is Jang Eun Sil (Wrestler) From Physical 100 Now?

Given just how taxing the premise of Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ is, every participant who can claim one of the topmost positions always catches the eye of the viewers. The same holds true for Jang Eun-sil, a well-known wrestler who captured the attention of fans after being chosen for a leadership position in the early round of the Korean reality show. Her leadership skills and physical fitness have made many in the audience curious about the reality TV star. If you are also wondering about her current whereabouts, we have you covered.

Who is Jang Eun-sil?

For about 20 years, Jang Eun-sil has been dedicated to maintaining her physical fitness and working out religiously. This routine practice allowed her to be one of the ideal candidates for the Netflix competition. Jang entered the wrestling world about seven years before she appeared in the fitness competition and has earned much respect from her peers. As of writing, she falls in the age class of Seniors when it comes to international women’s wrestling. Her official weight is 68 kg, and the wrestler has represented South Korea in many international events.

Jang participated in the 2018 Senior World Championships and 2017 World Championships, ranking 26th and 21st, respectively. In 2018, she entered the Asian Games and claimed the 7th position. Her participation in the China Open held in the same year allowed her to be 6th in the competition. When not working hard or participating in competitions, Jang is known for creating content for her social media platforms and often talks about fitness-related topics.

When the female wrestler first entered the show, she quickly captured the attention of other competitors, who could not help but admire her work and physique. After clearing the first quest, the time came for the remaining 50 participants to choose ten leaders who would be the leaders in the unknown second quest. Jang Eun-sil ended up becoming the 10th most popular in the voting. This meant that while she got to lead a team, she had little choice when choosing her teammates or her opponents.

Nam Koung-jin, the 2nd most favorite team, decided to fight against Jang’s team, much to her shock. As it turns out, Nam had stated earlier that he did not want to fight against a fellow wrestler. However, he ended up choosing his team’s opinions and interests ahead of his wants. Frustrated by being considered the weakest team, Jang and her teammates decided to give the upcoming challenge their best shot and have no regrets.

Where is Jang Eun-sil Now?

As of writing, Jang seems to be thriving in her chosen career as a wrestler. In fact, she even won a gold medal in the 103rd Korean National Sports Festival held in 2022. The venue for the event was the beautiful city of Ulsan in South Korea, and the reality TV star was over the moon about bagging the prize after not having participated in the annual event for three years due to Covid-19. She was also chosen as leader for Johnson and Johnson Nicorette Quitting Challenge that was held in early 2023.

The reality TV star’s YouTube channel presently has over 72 thousand subscribers, while her Instagram has more than 134 thousand followers. Jang’s fame has only sky-rocketed since her appearance in the Netflix show, which fans seem to enjoy immensely due to its similarity with ‘Squid Game.’ Her determination and dedication have led many in public to root for her even when the odds might be stacked against her favor. Jang is also known for participating in photoshoots and playing games like basketball.

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