Agent H: Where is the Korean UDT Soldier From Physical 100 Now?

Given its emphasis on fitness, it is no wonder that Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ has welcomed several well-known personalities from the field. The numerous tasks that the competitors have to complete to progress in the Korean reality show allow them to showcase their talents as fitness enthusiasts. One of the most prominent participants from the show’s first season is none other than Hwang Ji-Hoon, who is popularly known as Agent H. His background as a former navy member, combined with his current work as an online creator, has helped him garner many fans.

Who is Agent H?

Agent H’s journey in the realm of fitness can be traced back to his days with the Korea Navy Warfare Special Corps. In fact, his time as a former soldier with the Underwater Demolition Team(UDT) helped him earn his current moniker, “UDT Bro.” Having served as a sniper, he is pretty adept with firearms. He is apparently a member of the reserve UDT and is immensely proud of his affiliation with his country’s armed forces.

Following his time in the navy, Hwang Ji-Hoon decided to keep focusing on his health and fitness. Soon enough, he started making online content about things he is passionate about. His YouTube channel, Mission Possible, has around 880,000 subscribers as of writing. He often shares videos about firearms, fitness, the armed forces, and daily life on the video platform. His Instagram following is equally impressive, with about 240,000 admirers.

When Agent H appeared on the Netflix show, his fans and competitors could not help but be delighted by his presence. Following the show’s format, which does remind one of ‘Squid Game,’ the former navy soldier had to go head-to-head against Seol Ki Kwan, a famous bodybuilder. The fight between the two was nothing short of impressive and left the viewers on the edge of their seats. However, in the end, Agent H had to say goodbye to the competition and break the statue of his torso.

Agent H is Thriving as a Content Creator Now

As of writing, Agent H seems to be thriving in his career as an online content creator. His social media following is nothing short of impressive, and he was quite happy to promote the Netflix show to his followers. While many were disappointed by the early exit of UDT Bro, the participant himself seems to be taking it all with much grace. “I have a heavy heart now because I couldn’t show you a better performance than you expected. But I have no regrets because I worked really hard and did my best,” he shared in an Instagram post. “I made good memories and it was an honor to be with great people.”

The content creator is affiliated with kthd studio (AKA Kick the Hurdle studio), which helps him navigate any available opportunities. The company supports him not just in the entertainment field but also lists the military and exercise as his genre. Apart from being affiliated with multiple brands, Agent H has a store named after his YouTube channel, where he often sells a variety of merchandise.

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