Lee Roy Gaitan: UFO Witness is Spending Time With Loved Ones Now

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that the January 8, 2008, UFO/UAP sightings over Erath County, Texas, shook not only the state but also the entire nation to its very core. After all, as explored in Netflix’s ‘Encounters: Messengers,’ more than a few dozen locals soon reported witnessing this inexplicable phenomenon, just for it to sadly yield no answers regarding whether we’re really alone. Amongst them was actually police officer, constable, as well as emergency medical service professional Lee Roy Gaitan.

Who is Lee Roy Gaitan?

It was ostensibly back when Central Texas native Lee was quite young that he first developed a keen interest in protecting his community, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. This Tarleton State University graduate thus eventually joined the first responder services, unaware the positive reputation he’d gradually attain through sheer hard work would kind of come into question in early 2008. That’s because he did publicly voice the fact he had witnessed a massive unidentified object floating soundlessly in the sky on January 8, just for many not to believe him owing to a lack of proof.

“It was my wife’s birthday and we wanted to rent a movie,” Lee candidly elucidated in the original production. “I came outside to my squad car to get my credit card. As I was walking back, something caught my attenti on. I saw what appeared – – I call it a bubble or an orb. It was a reddish-orange, fiery-looking color. Really big. I focused in on it, and that is when I noticed my little boy [standing right beside me]. He said, ‘Look, dad.’ There was these bright lights flashing like a pulsating thing. They had spread out. There was 11 or 12 lights I was able to count.”

But then, Lee continued, this object suddenly took off at a blazing speed without making even a drop of noise, only to be followed by two Air Force F16 multirole fighter jets mere moments later. Though the strangest aspect of this entire narrative is that his description matches fellow witness Steve Allan’s to a tee despite the fact they were in two different cities and had never spoken before. Therefore, he did understandably hesitate a little when urged to come forward days later because he was under the impression it would ruin him, but he was actually largely accepted by those who mattered.

Where is Lee Roy Gaitan Now?

From what we can tell, Lee retired from the police force as a Constable in 2020, only to soon be arrested on a third-degree felony count of firearm theft stemming from an unrelated 2017 incident. According to reports, he’d quickly made his $5,000 bail to remain a free man until trial, which either didn’t move forward as the charge was dropped or has been kept under wraps per request. Nevertheless, we do know that the 59-year-old is a free man even today — he actually resides in Dublin at the moment, where he not only runs his own Prestige Lawn Service but is also surrounded by loved ones at every step of the way.

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