Lee Won-Hee: Where is the Physical 100 Participant Now?

When it comes to testing the limits of what humans are capable of doing physically, Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ has proven to be a true asset. The show pits some highly athletic and renowned fitness experts in a series of tests to determine who amongst them might be in the best physical condition. In season 2, Lee Won-Hee gave it his all to not only showcase his physical prowess but also act as a capable team leader. With his background and actions on the show, he has certainly earned many fans.

Lee Won-Hee Emerged as a Leader on the Show

A renowned Judo player with an Olympic gold medal to his name, Lee Won-Hee certainly was one of the frontrunners in season 2 of the Netflix show. Though his performance in the Pre-Quest/Quest 0 did not result in him bagging one of the top 10 spots, he still gave an impressive performance and was ready to prove himself in the next challenge. For Quest 1, he was pitted against Park Hee-Jun in a one-on-one death match. The fight between the two was certainly an intense one, but Lee showcased his skills as a Judo player by coming out on top after the three minutes were up.

Thanks to his impressive performance and well-deserved reputation, Lee was chosen by many as a potential teammate for Quest 2, which meant that he was the fourth person selected to be a team leader. The athlete surprised many by choosing teammates who were well-versed in judo, disregarding genders and other such criteria, and believing that this would prove to be a well-balanced team. When it came to deciding the match-ups for Quest 2, Lee’s team was one of the many who challenged Hwang Choong-Won’s group, with the latter ultimately deciding to face Lee’s team.

Due to their determination, hard work, and undeniable skill, Lee’s team was actually able to win the second quest. Working according to a well-coordinated strategy with openness to adapting to circumstances, the team was able to overcome Hwang’s group and claim the required number of capture zones in the maze. This meant that Lee and his team were selected to go on to be a part of the Quest 3. This time around, the battle was more intense and had much higher stakes.

As per the results of the pre-quest that was held before Quest 3, Jung Ji-Hyun and his team got the chance to decide which other two teams they wanted to face in the upcoming challenge. They decided to go for Lee and Andre Jin’s team, with Jung not hesitating to share that he thought Lee’s team was the weakest among all those present. The five members of Lee’s team each took part in at least one of the first three rounds, claiming third, second, and second place, respectively. Wanting to be a good leader, Lee took it upon himself to hopefully bag the first position in the last round. Unfortunately, this strategy did not pan out, with Lee actually bagging the third position in the fourth challenge. This meant that he and his team now had to leave the competition.

Lee Won-Hee is Now a Husband and a Father

Popularly known as Mr. Ippon and Grand Slammer, Lee Won-Hee remains a respected name in the world of judo and sports at large. His victory in the 2004 Olympics continues to be a huge point of pride for him as well as many fans. The athlete is still active in the world of judo, though he has now taken up a more educational role. In fact, he has served as the coach for the South Korean Women’s Judo National Team since 2015.

On a more personal note, Lee is quite happy in his role as a father and husband. In the past, he married Kim Mi-Hyun, and the two even had a son named Lee Ye-Sung in 2009. However, this particular marriage came to an end in 2012. Since 2018, Lee has been enjoying marital bliss with Yun Ji-Hye, who is a popular table tennis player from South Korea. The couple has two children, a daughter called Lee He-Ya and a son named Lee Yeh-Yeon, whom they adore very much. Despite their young age, the young ones are already learning judo from their father and seem to enjoy spending time with their parents.

As a man of faith with a firm belief or a path of hard work and determination, Lee has always encouraged others to be their best selves. His time on the show only highlighted his passion for fitness as well as judo. Despite his elimination from the Netflix show, the athlete seems to be in good spirits, likely enjoying enjoying the company of his beautiful family. Interestingly, his daughter seems to be quite passionate about ice skating, with her parents documenting her journey on social media.

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