Leneathra Reed: Where Is My 600-lb Life Participant Now?

Leneathra Reed, a participant in season 8 of TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ in 2020, captivated audiences not just for her appearance on the show but also for the viral attention she garnered before it. Her story came to the forefront when complications from a breast reduction surgery left her on life support. She attributed the steady increase in her weight to the steroids prescribed after her lung collapsed during the surgery. This significant health setback marked the beginning of a challenging journey that unfolded on national television.

Leneathra Reed’s Show Journey Wasn’t a Successful One

Before Leneathra Reed’s journey with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan began, her life was marred by an emotionally abusive marriage. Her ex-husband’s verbal and emotional abuse exacerbated her depression and fueled unhealthy eating habits, contributing to further weight gain. The tumultuous relationship eventually culminated in divorce, freeing her from the toxic environment that had been a significant factor in her struggles with obesity. During her time on the show, she displayed a glimmer of determination by engaging in gym workouts and collaborating with a personal trainer. However, the path to change was fraught with challenges, as Leneathra faced a series of missed appointments with Dr. Nowzaradan because of family obligations.

Dr. Nowzaradan, renowned for his expertise in weight loss surgery, expressed concern about her approach, noting, “It’s unfortunate that Len has decided not to make her health a priority. I don’t think she fully realizes how fast her time is gonna run out if she keeps going down the path she’s on.” This candid observation underscored the urgency of her situation and the potential consequences of her choices. Despite her genuine efforts, she found herself entangled in the responsibilities of being a single parent, raising her daughter, Kenlyn.

The challenge of balancing parenthood and the demands of the weight loss program became overwhelming, ultimately leading her to make the difficult decision to quit before witnessing any tangible changes in her weight. She voiced her struggles, stating that she felt too busy raising her daughter to fully commit to the weight loss program. Despite the setbacks, Leneathra remained hopeful about her future, hinting at an underlying resilience and determination to continue her journey towards a healthier life.

Leneathra Reed is Committed to Leading a Healthier Lifestyle

Since Leneathra Reed’s appearance in season 8, her life has taken a positive and transformative turn. Currently residing in Tempe, Arizona, she has become an inspiration as she continues her journey toward health and happiness. One notable aspect of her post-show life is her unwavering faith and commitment to her church. Regularly posting about her spiritual journey, she attributes her strength and resilience to the guidance of God, acknowledging the role of faith in overcoming tough times. This spiritual foundation serves as a cornerstone for her positive attitude and resolve. Life post-show presented a different set of challenges for Leneathra, particularly during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2021.

The global health crisis disrupted normalcy for many, but for her, it triggered anxiety, panic attacks, and fearfulness. The fear of contracting the virus led her to become a homebody, limiting her outings to work and avoiding places like the gym. This hiatus from physical activity and the anxieties surrounding the pandemic caused a setback in her weight loss journey. In a candid social media post, she shared the emotional toll the pandemic had taken on her mental health. She opened up about the struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle, admitting to allowing her weight to creep back up amid the chaos. The added challenge of dealing with untrue narratives and hurtful rumors in the public eye weighed heavily on her.

Leneathra expressed frustration at being judged without people knowing the truth of her situation. However, the post also reflected a resilient spirit, with her declaring her refusal to hide or accept disrespect any longer. Despite the hurdles, she recounted moments of pride, such as completing two “Divas on the Run” walks and participating in the Anderson Cup Race. These achievements, coupled with the desire to witness her daughter’s milestones, fueled her determination to overcome the obstacles. She acknowledged the support from her trainer, family, and a few close friends who encouraged her to rejoin the gym, addressing her fears of COVID and potential failure.

Reports indicate that she currently works in healthcare, reflecting her dedication to a field that aligns with her passion for helping others. The commitment to a healthier lifestyle is evident in her efforts to incorporate exercise and maintain a steady diet. Actively participating in marathons, she embraces physical activity as an integral part of her ongoing journey. Her dedication to a balanced lifestyle underscores her determination to not only lose weight but to cultivate overall well-being. Beyond her pursuits, Leneathra extends her support to her daughter, Kenlyn.

The reality star stands behind her daughter’s dream of winning Mississippi’s Our Little Miss Official State Pageant Competition. In March 2023, Leneathra joyfully shared the news of Kenlyn’s triumph at the Mississippi Universal Miss State Pageant, where her daughter secured a competing prize. To further support Kenlyn’s aspirations, she initiated charities to fund her daughter’s needs during the pageant, highlighting her commitment to her family’s dreams. Tragedy struck her life in 2024 with the passing of her father, Lamar Reed Sr. Despite the grief, she found solace in the belief that her parents were now reunited as “two guardian angels.” This poignant reflection on loss reflects her resilience and ability to find silver linings even in challenging times.

Physically, she seems to have undergone a substantial transformation, shedding a significant amount of weight. Her newfound commitment to a healthier lifestyle is not only visible in her appearance but also resonates in her overall well-being. The positivity exuded by Leneathra suggests a woman who has not only conquered physical challenges but has also found stability and happiness in her life. Her story serves as an inspiration, proving that the pursuit of a healthier and happier life is an ongoing and multifaceted journey.

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