Leslie Jacobs: Ric Flair’s First Wife is Now a Grandmother

Though ’30 for 30: Nature Boy’ majorly focuses on the professional achievements made by professional wrestler Richard Fliehr, AKA Ric Flair, the glimpses into his personal life have also been able to capture the public’s interest. Chief among those who provided an insight into Ric’s off-screen side was his first wife, Leslie Jacobs, who knew him well before he became a household name. Given her once-close relationship with the former WWE star, it is only natural that the world wonders where she is these days.

Who is Leslie Jacobs?

While she was a student at the University of Minnesota, Leslie Jacobs went by the name Leslie Goodman, and this is where she met Richard for the first time. The two entered a relationship with Leslie, recalling in the documentary how Ric’s adopted mother, Kathleen Fliehr, told Leslie, “He’s yours,” something that Leslie could not help but think was interesting given how things unfolded in the future. During Ric’s rise in the wrestling industry, Leslie stood by his side.

On August 28, 1971, well before Ric made his professional debut, he married Leslie. However, as time passed and Ric started to develop his wrestling persona more and more, things began to tense up in his home life. As shared by many, including the wrestler himself, Ric liked to party and enjoyed living the life he claimed to be living during his on-screen appearances. Ric not only bought a limousine, he also started to buy more and more of his feathered signature robes. Ric himself admitted that he had not been faithful in his marriage to Leslie, who in turn commented that while there were many good qualities in her now ex-husband, she did not think him to be trustworthy.

“He would come home, and then he’d say, ‘I can’t stand this.’ And then, he’d leave,” Leslie shared about Ric’s presence in their home as the years went by. She went on to say how the wrestler went to Greg Valentine’s house, who lived only a couple of miles away from them. Apparently, this is where Ric first met Elizabeth “Beth” Harrell. In early 1983, Leslie and Ric divorced, which was followed by Ric’s marriage to Beth on August 27, 1983.

Where is Leslie Jacobs Now?

Through her marriage to Ric Flair, Leslie Jacobs is the mother of David and Megan Fliehr, the wrestler’s oldest son and daughter. Despite the ups and downs she faced in her marriage with him, Leslie prefers not to speak ill about her children’s father, preferring to take a neutral stance and emphasizing that for all his apparent faults, the former WWE star does love his kids. The divorce between the two had apparently been of an amicable nature.

Since her divorce from Ric, Leslie did get married again and now uses Jacobs as her last name. Through David Fliehr, who is father to Pyper and Carter Fliehr, Leslie is a grandma twice over. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Leslie is also the mother of David Jacobs, Ian Gardenswartz’s son. For the most part, Leslie prefers to live a private life and is happy to spend time with her family, especially when it comes to supporting them in a time of need.

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