Where Are Ric Flair’s Kids Now?

’30 for 30: Nature Boy’ delves deep into the life of Richard Fliehr, whom the world better knows as Ric Flair, AKA The Nature Boy. From his dazzling persona in the world of professional wrestling to the issues in his personal life, the documentary provides viewers with a side of the man that rarely anyone has seen before. As evident to the viewers, Ric’s children hold a special place in his heart despite the ups and downs that they had to face in their lives. As such, the world has become quite curious about the latest updates in their lives.

Ashley Fliehr is on Break Due to Injury

We are starting with Asley Fliehr, who has carried on her father’s legacy by donning the persona of Charlotte Flair. A big name in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), she has won 14 championships as of writing. The wrestler has been dominating the Raw, SmackDown, and NXT brands of the franchise since she signed a developmental contract with WWE on May 17, 2012. Since then, she has become a Triple Crown and a Grand Slam winner, something that few wrestlers get to achieve in their careers.

However, during a SmackDown match with Kanako Urai, AKA Asuka, on December 8, 2023, Ashley was heavily injured. It was revealed that she had torn her ACL, MCL, and meniscus. The week following the match, it was announced that she would be on a break for about nine months to heal her injuries. As of writing, Ashley is married to Manuel Oropeza, who is also a WWE wrestler and goes by the ring name Andrade El Idolo. The couple got married on May 27, 2022, and will be celebrating their second anniversary in 2024.

David Fliehr is a Happy Husband and Father

David Fliehr is yet another member of the Fliehr family who entered the world of WWE. He was part of the industry as David Falir but has not been in action since 2009. David is mostly known for his work in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), given that his time with WWE is not very long. The wrestler did win many championships over the years, both in WCW and independent circuits, before he took a step back.

Having gotten married to Stacy Keibler in 2002, David is a proud father of two kids, Pyper and Carter. Pyper is actually a level 10 gymnast who is affiliated with Perfect Balance Training Center in Charlotte, North Carolina and is set to graduate in 2026. David and his family are actually based in Shelby, North Carolina, with the former wrestler working as a Management Team Member for Green Flair Recycling.

Megan Fliehr is Blissfully Married

Let’s now talk about Megan Fliehr, who prefers to keep away from the limelight but is always ready to stand in support of her family members, whether it be her wrestler sister or her legendary father. In January 2018, it was announced that Megan was engaged to Conrad Thompson, a well-known wrestling commentator and mortgage broker. The couple actually got married in the same year, much to the joy of their friends and family, who love them very much.

In fact, Megan and Conrad celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in October 2023, with the latter expressing how much he loves his wife and how thankful he was for the years that they have spent as a married couple. The couple does not have any kids as of writing, but their love is certainly one that has gained much support from the public, especially the fans of the Fliehr/Flair family.

Reid Fliehr Passed Away at the Age of 25

As discussed in the documentary, Reid Fliehr also followed in his father’s footsteps by entering the wrestling world. However, as shared by Triple H, he was not able to sign a contract with WWE on the basis of two failed drug tests. Having donned the persona of Reid Flair, he did fight in WCW and All Japan Pro Wrestling. However, shortly after his debut in the latter, Ric Flair’s youngest son was found dead in a room in the Residence Inn in Charlotte on March 29, 2013.

The cause of the death of the then-25-year-old Reid was revealed to be a drug overdose, as the autopsy indicated that he had heroin, clonazepam, and alprazolam in his system. The incident shook the family, with Ric lamenting the years gone by. Ashley Fliehr also admitted that her brother’s passing gave her a reality check, and he remains one of the biggest reasons why she continues to give her fullest when it comes to her professional wrestling career.

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