Do Wayne and Rosie Break Up in Letterkenny?

In the twelfth season of Hulu’s sitcom ‘Letterkenny,’ Wayne and Rosie’s relationship gets threatened by the latter’s departure from the titular town. After arriving in Vancouver, Rosie tries to figure out whether she sees herself in Letterkenny in the future, especially when she is excited to leave the place whenever she gets an opportunity. She tells Wayne that she is not excited about leaving Vancouver to return to his town, only for the latter to understand that their togetherness has turned “rocky.” The final installment of the sitcom ends with ambiguity concerning their relationship, which makes Wayne think that they are separated for good! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Rosie’s Departure From Letterkenny

Rosie leaves Letterkenny for Vancouver in the premiere episode of the twelfth season with the expectation that she will return to the town as soon as she can. Wayne bids his farewell to her with love while starting his wait for her return. Rosie, however, reconsiders her decision to return to the town once she reaches Vancouver. She feels stuck in Letterkenny, where life is mundane for people who are captivated by the noise and activities of a city. Rosie doesn’t want to limit her life to the trivial occurrences that unfold in the town for good, which makes her consider moving to Vancouver.

Rosie knows that she has to make a decision concerning her relationship with Wayne if she is moving to Vancouver. She expresses her desire to have Wayne accompany her to the city by asking the toughest guy in Letterkenny whether it is important for him to hold that title. Wayne eventually realizes that his girlfriend is implying him leaving the town along with her. Since Daryl joins the “Degens,” Katy considers moving to Mexico, and Squirrelly Dan tries to become a Mennonite, Wayne seemingly thinks about the prospect of moving to Vancouver but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that his heart wants him to remain “stuck” in Letterkenny.

If Rosie cannot think about spending the rest of her life in Letterkenny, she may not be able to remain in a relationship with Wayne, who makes it clear that he doesn’t want to leave the town no matter what. Does that mean they break up in the twelfth season?

A Misunderstanding?

Rosie talks to Wayne about the possibility of the latter moving to Vancouver on her way to a no-signal region. After Wayne informs his girlfriend that he wants to stay stuck in Letterkenny, their voices start to break up, making it difficult for Rosie to understand what he is saying. Rosie then tells Wayne that their voices are breaking up and when he repeats that he is staying stuck, she also repeats that they are breaking up. Rosie can be meaning their voices when she is talking about “breaking up,” especially since it is not something you tell your partner when they cannot listen to each other properly.

Having said that, Rosie repeats the “breaking up” part with a sense of sadness that is not present in her face or voice before she says those words. She may have listened to him saying he wants to stay stuck, which leaves her no option other than putting an end to their relationship. Rosie may not want to give Wayne any false hope regarding their future together or make him wait for her return. She must have also wanted to make it evident how much staying in Vancouver means to her by letting her partner know that she is even ready to separate from him if he cannot follow her to the city.

If Rosie really means to break up with Wayne, they most likely will not end up together. Wayne accepts the breakup when he listens to those words, which shows how much he wants to stay in the town. If a long-distance relationship is an option for Rosie, she may not have broken up with Wayne without even discussing it. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Wayne and Rosie most likely break up in the final season of ‘Letterkenny.’

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