Which Letterkenny Characters Are in Shoresy?

‘Shoresy’ follows the foul-mouthed titular character as he attempts to turn things around for his struggling hockey team. The ‘Letterkenny‘ spinoff follows one of the show’s most popular side characters on his own adventures in the Canadian hockey league. Fortunately for fans, ‘Shoresy’ has much of the same DNA as the widely loved ‘Letterkenny’ and a very similar sense of humor as well. Apart from Jared Keeso essaying the central character in both shows, there are a few familiar faces from ‘Letterkenny’ that you might have recognized in ‘Shoresy.’ Here are all the characters that have crossed over to the spinoff.

1. Shoresy

Image Credit: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu

The titular Shoresy (Jared Keeso) is the best place to start, as the popular hockey player from Letterkenny is the inspiration for the spinoff. In ‘Letterkenny’ season 10, Shoresy leaves the titular town after getting a spot on a AAA senior hockey team in Ontario. This also acts as the setup for ‘Shoresy,’ which opens with the eponymous character playing for the Sudbury Bulldogs in Ontario.

Shoresy retains his signature foul-mouthed chirping in the spinoff, but the recipients of his crude one-line zingers are largely changed. However, our hero finds some equally fitting adversaries and teammates in Sudbury and possibly feels more at home there than he ever did in Letterkenny. Incidentally, Shoresy’s face is finally revealed in ‘Shoresy’ after remaining unseen in the 10-season ‘Letterkenny’ run.

2. Anik

Interestingly, ‘Shoresy’ opens its maiden episode with a familiar face — that of Daryl’s old flame, Anik (Kim Cloutier). She now seems to be the host of a sports talk show that introduces Shoresy as the dirtiest hockey player in Canada. Of course, what follows are some prime examples of our chipped-toothed hero making some atrocious attacks on the ice.

Anik doesn’t have much more of a role in the opening season of ‘Shoresy’ than a handful of appearances as the talk show host. However, her story in ‘Letterkenny’ is significant. Anik hails from near the Ontario-Quebec border and is part of The Hicks’ French Canadian doppelgangers. Wayne’s friend Daryl becomes obsessed with Anik and eventually follows her to Quebec.

The two break up after a brief fling, and Anik later helps Jonesy and Reilly in their attempt to become Instagram celebrities. Ultimately, the two boys are fired, and Anik gets offered a hefty contract by a representative of BROdude Energy. Since BROdude also sponsors Anik’s talk show in ‘Shoresy,’ it looks like she is still involved with the energy drink company and is getting quite popular.

3. JJ Frankie JJ

Image Credit: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu

Another surprise crossover character from ‘Letterkenny’ to ‘Shoresy’ is the star Quebec hockey player, Jean-Jacques François Jacques-Jean or JJ Frankie JJ (Max Bouffard). In ‘Letterkenny,’ JJ is Shoresy’s rival, and the two face off against each other in the National Senior Hockey Championship. Shoresy relentlessly chirps at JJ during the match and eventually attacks him with a hockey stick. Injured, JJ is forced to retire, and Shoresy’s team wins.

Interestingly, in his eponymous show, Shoresy reaches out to JJ in order to bolster his struggling hockey team, the Sudbury Bulldogs. The famous Quebec player actually agrees, and their old rivalry is put to rest. Interestingly, the only time that both Wayne and Shoresy (both Jared Keeso) meet in ‘Letterkenny’ is because of a situation precipitated by JJ. When the angry Quebec player tries to take Shoresy down along with a few lumberjacks, Wayne comes to the latter’s assistance. After they meet, Wayne shakes Shoresy’s hand and wishes him luck playing hockey up North in Ontario.

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