Lexi Paloma From Love Allways: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit: Lexi Paloma/Instagram

‘Love Allways’ is a Paramount+ dating series that explores the concept of love in a way never seen before. The very first season of the show revolves around Lexi Paloma, AKA Lexi Holt, a pansexual woman who is open to dating both men and women. With the help of two expert matchmakers, she meets 13 other singles who are trying their best to woo her. Given just how much focus is on Lexi, it is easy to understand that people across the world are curious about the reality TV star.

Exploring Lexi’s Background: Proud of Her Ethnicity

Celebrating her birthday every year in August, we have Lexi Paloma, who also goes by the name of Lexi Holt. She is ethnically Hispanic and is quite proud of her roots. The reality TV star is quite close to her father, Trent, who is always happy to support his daughter. His social media handles signify his relation to Lexi, and he has even poked fun at those who react negatively to his daughter’s work. Additionally, Lexi also has a younger sister whom she seems to adore.

For Lexi, spirituality is a way of life she adheres to. She likes to document every one of her days in a journal and is overall an extrovert person who enjoys spending time with others. The Paramount+ show star certainly has a large group of friends with whom she often spends quality time together. She is also quite a travel enthusiast and is always eager to visit beautiful locations from across the world.

Lexi Paloma’s Profession

As of writing, Lexi is a student at American University and is pursuing a double major. She joined the institute in 2020 and has since been studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication as one of her primary subjects to get a degree. Her other major is in International Studies, which she also seems invested in. Based in Washington, DC, the reality TV star is set to graduate in 2024. Additionally, she gained a certificate from Adobe in August 2020 for her prowess in Adobe Premiere Pro. Lexi also earned a Fundamentals of Media Relations certificate from Muck Rack in October 2021.

Between August 20916 and May 2020, Lexi participated as a Model United Nations Delegate at various events. In the 2019 competition held at Georgetown University, she bagged the second position. She achieved the same result at Brown University in 2018. As for the Georgia Institute of Technology, Lexi attended the institute’s event in 2018 and became the winner, returning the following year to be the runner-up. Her performance at the 2018 University of Florida competition helped her earn second place, and she was back the next year, achieving the third position.

When it comes to her career, Lexi has long been active as a businesswoman. In September 2017, she started her business called Naples Princess Parties and served as its Owner and Lead Talent until May 2020. 2019 marked her start as a social media content creator though she was certainly active on various platforms before then. Her work has allowed her to partner with multiple brands, and she has modeled on several occasions. She also posts vlogs on her YouTube channel, which provide insight into the life of the digital content creator. As of writing, she has over 214k Instagram followers, with her YouTube subscriber count being slightly over a thousand.

Lexi Paloma Prefers to Keep Her Dating Life Private

Since participating in the show, Lexi has not given any official updates regarding her romantic life. She has kept the details of her past romances private, though she has been open about her identity as a pansexual woman who is happy to date someone of any gender. During the first three episodes of the show, we get to know that Lexi wants her significant other to be a loyal and trustworthy person who can communicate well and is secure enough not to get jealous. She also expressed her preference for a partner who likes traveling, given her own love for the same.

After being introduced to various potential partners in the show, Lexi seemed to be more inclined towards Sienna Scibird and Jayme Aiden, considering them quite attractive. She also formed a connection with Joshua Cureton, Tyler Hearing, Jasmine Cervantes, and Kalysta Mallory, though that is not to say that she did not enjoy spending time with others. Nevertheless, we hope that her search for love has indeed come true and she and her future partner enjoy their future together.

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