Liaison Episode 4 Recap: Carnage

Apple TV+’s political thriller ‘Liaison’ reveals many things in its fourth episode. With just one more episode to go until the finale, the show lays its cards on the table, giving the audience everything they need to know before the final showdown. Alison and Gabriel’s history becomes integral to the story as very powerful and dangerous people threaten her with no regard for human life. The stakes are higher than ever, and no one can be trusted. Between this, Alison and Gabriel realize their only option is to work together. The question of trust lingers on them, which will determine what happens to them following the ending of this episode. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Liaison Episode 4 Recap

Mark Bolton’s death shakes Alison. She reports it to the authority mentioning the two strange men she saw before discovering Bolton. While she insists they murdered her colleague, the French don’t seem too keen on turning an open and shut case into a murder investigation. When Sabine discovers what has happened, she feels guilty for becoming a part of Didier’s schemes. She believed her role was just to stop them from signing a deal. But now that people’s lives are on the line, she decides to back away from it and advises Alison to do the same.

Samir contacts Myriam, and she and Gabriel, accompanied by Alison, find him in France. Meanwhile, Didier finds out more about Alison, so he can find a way to shut her out and let the plan go smoothly. A tape from Alison’s past gives him and Antropa the ammunition to do so. When another cyber attack comes close to claiming the lives of hundreds of people, Richard Banks is cornered by his superiors to take strict action. A deal with the EU seems impossible now, which leaves Antropa as their only option.

Liaison Episode 4 Ending: Will Gabriel and Allison Die?

The events in the previous episode revealed that Mark Bolton had been in cahoots with Bob from Antropa. The private security company had paid him off to let them orchestrate the cyber attacks. When he came to Brussels, he hadn’t intended to sign the deal, but following the train crash, which claimed the lives of children, his moral compass forced him to do better. The deal was to be signed the same evening. To stop it, Antropa had him killed. Because Bolton was corrupt, they launched an investigation on him, which could go on for years, meaning the deal between the EU and the UK wouldn’t be signed anytime soon.


Removing the only other option the UK had on the table, Antropa presented itself as the sole solution to their problem. Things would have gone smoothly from here, but Alison finds out about them and alerts Richard. Her insistence on thoroughly investigating Mark’s death also makes her an irritable element for Didier and Antropa. He knows that she will continue to create problems, but he also discovers that killing her is not an option.

It turns out that Alison is the daughter of a very powerful man, who helped her mentor, Richard Banks, get to the position he’s in now. Killing Mark didn’t create any ripples, but killing Alison would create a wave, and that’s not something that can be afforded. So, Didier offers another option. He gives a tape to Bob, which can be used to blackmail Alison. The tape is later sent to her father. It contains the footage of a protest twenty years ago. This was when Alison and Gabriel were still together.

Things got out of hand at the protest, where Alison had a tiff with Nathalie, the red-haired girl from Alison and Gabriel’s photo. It does not reveal the argument but ends with Nathalie getting burned alive in the middle of the square. It is insinuated that Alison had something to do with lighting the fire. It could have been an accident, but it could have ruined her life. So, her father advised her to blame Gabriel, which drove the rift between them.

Bob uses that tape to blackmail Alison’s father, which is where Alison and Gabriel are hiding. Antropa is after Samir. They want to kill him and be done with the threat of their secrets coming to light. Knowing they could be tracked, Alison and Gabriel left Samir, Myriam, and their child somewhere else and went to Alison’s father’s place with Samir’s friend. It was supposed to be a decoy, just in case Antropa finds them before the British government does. Their fears are proven correct when a group of mercenaries arrives at their door.

They planned to force Alison’s father into giving Samir in exchange for his daughter’s safety. However, he proves to be more challenging than that and confronts them alone. He believes his position and influence might stop them from acting against him, but Gabriel knows these people don’t care about anyone’s power or status. He tries to save Alison’s father but ends up shooting him instead. Before Gabriel or Alison can check to see if he’s alive or dead, they are forced to run to safety as Antropa’s men break through the gate.

Gabriel forces Alison to hide inside the bunker with Krimo. He gives her Samir’s flash drive just in case he doesn’t make it. He doesn’t want the thing to fall into Antropa’s hands as it would mean that everything they’d done until now was for nothing. Before we can find out how things turn out for them, the episode ends. The mercenaries cut off the power in the building, ready to mount their attack.

Gabriel and Alison are highly outnumbered by a group of people who are skilled at killing. Their only hope is to survive long enough for Banks’ team to reach the location. Things look better for Alison because she is in the bunker, but Gabriel remains outside. He plans to hold off the enemy for as long as possible. While he is a very skilled fighter, taking on so many mercenaries at once isn’t easy. From how things are positioned right now, it doesn’t look like Gabriel will make it out of it alive.

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