Liaison Season 2: Possibilities Explored

Apple TV+’s ‘Liaison’ is a political thriller that follows the story of Alison and Gabriel, whose complicated past intertwines with their present, where they are tasked to stop a terrorist attack on the UK. Things get politically heated when the French government gets involved, and the interference of a private cybersecurity firm comes to light. It leads Alison and Gabriel on a journey that takes them to different parts of the world, bringing them face to face with their unresolved issues buried deep down years before.

Written by Virginie Brac and directed by Stephen Hopkins, the series takes many twists and turns, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. If you loved the show, you might want to know if the story will continue or if it has ended. Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Will Liaison Season 2 Happen?

‘Liaison’ Season 1 premiered on Apple TV+ on February 24, 2023, and concluded on March 31, 2023. It comprises six episodes with around 50 minutes of runtime. Regarding the second season of the series, here’s what we know.

The first Anglo-French production of Apple TV+, ‘Liaison’ has names like Eva Green and Vincent Cassel attached to it. Despite the draw of the stars, the series didn’t garner strong reviews. The critics gave it a lukewarm response, praising the actors’ performances while criticizing the plot’s lack of tension. As of now, Apple TV+ has given no indication to continue the story with a second season. The sixth episode has been billed as the “series finale” instead of the “season finale.” This indicates that ‘Liaison’ was conceived as a limited series and will not return for a second season.

The certainty that ‘Liaison’ Season 2 is not in the cards is confirmed by the fact that the story is tied up in the final episode. All the secrets are revealed, and every character meets a fitting end. A new season would mean unraveling a perfectly tied-up ending, which wouldn’t serve the story well. However, the show does leave a couple of things unresolved, leaving a backdoor open should the creators decide to continue the show.

In the final episode, Alison discovers that Richard Banks is the mole helping Antropa. However, instead of helping his accomplices escape, Richard kills Miller, Didier, and Bob, making it clear that he only works for himself. Alison is shocked by this revelation while feeling helpless because nothing can prove Richard’s attachment to the private firm responsible for the terrorist attacks on English soil.

Should another season of the show happen, it could focus on Alison’s quest to expose Richard and his role in the death and destruction caused by Antropa’s attacks. In the finale, Richard invites her to work for him. At that moment, she leaves, indicating that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. However, should she wish to bring him down, she might take him up on the offer and become a mole herself.

Another possibility is that the series follows Alison and Gabriel, who have most likely left London and started a new life elsewhere. A new threat to the country could bring them back into the game. No matter how the story pans out, it couldn’t go on without Eva Green and Vincent Cassel. If the plot focuses on Richard Banks, Peter Mullan will return to reprise the role. In the same vein, the return of the rest of the cast members depends on which path the story takes. While the chances of a season renewal are relatively low, if ‘Liaison’ does get a Season 2, we expect it to release sometime in early 2025.

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