Liam and Leylah From Ex on the Beach: All We Know About the Cafe

In MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach Couples: Now or Never,’ six couples are headed for marriage, but the only barrier between them and the aisle, is their past in the form of an ex. Liam Forrest and Leylah Linda are ready to take their relationship to the next level, and marriage seems like the best step. However, their relationship is tested when Leylah’s ex, Samura, enters paradise. Liam is ready to get on his knees, and only time will attest to their true love. Fans must be curious to know more about the pair, and we are here to answer everything.

Leylah Linda Wants to Settled Down

Leyla is a British television personality and model who appeared on the show to marry the man of her dreams. Leylah is extremely close to her family and shares a great bond with her mother, Deirdre Piper, her father, Nick Dobinson, and her brother Ollie Dobinson. She is also close with her extended family, with whom she spends holidays and shares laughter.

Apart from her stunning good looks, Leyla is also an avid adventurer who is frequently spotted hiking and traveling across different locations, including Kjendalen Glacier in Norway, Greece, Brighton, and others. One of the most interesting things to know about Leyla is that the model is a true daredevil and is simply not afraid of anything. She believes in living life to the fullest and has engaged in daring activities such as skydiving. The reality TV star is also an official Playboy Bunny. She is now ready to settle down and begin the next adventure of her life, marriage.

Everything We Know About Liam Forrest

Liam Forrest is a professional boxer who has quite the experience when it comes to the ring. Hailing from Brighton, Liam is an English boxer who fights in the light-heavy division. When he is not in the ring, he is outside training and preparing for his next fight. He makes his mother, Yvonne Martins, very proud with all his talents and accomplishments. Since a young age, Liam knew his first love was boxing and that he would make a career in it. He started boxing at the age of 12 out of his hometown, where he joined MouIscoombe ABC.

He won several awards in the southern counties and later moved to Repton in East London, where he won the London championship. Currently, he is residing in Moulscombe, Sussex. He founded the Forrest Boxing center, where he works as a coach and trainer and helps his clients to get the body of their dreams. He is madly in love with model Leyla and hopes to get a “yes” with his ring. However, he faces insecurities with Samura, Leyla’s ex, and hopes to remove him from the picture to start his forever journey with her. Well, we hope Liam and Leylah go all the way to achieving their dreams together.

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