Dying for Fame: Is the Lifetime Thriller Rooted in Reality?

Lifetime’s ‘Dying for Fame’ is a thriller film that centers upon Anna, a career-driven internet tabloid reporter who is given the responsibility to cover the profile of a famous social media influencer named Juliet. As Anna spends more time on Juliet and her profile, she soon finds out that many of Juliet’s followers are fake. As soon as the reporter confronts the influencer about it, the latter requests her to cover a different story, which includes a stalker that has been bothering her for months.

After much consideration, Anna still chooses to go with the fake fans’ story, a decision she regrets when Juliet is found dead. Drowned by guilt and sorrow, the tabloid reporter feels responsible and takes matters into her own hands in order to right her wrongs and finally uncover the identity of the perpetrator. The David Benullo directorial sheds light on some true-to-life themes of stalking and fake followers, which are supported by an enthralling plot that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats questioning the authenticity of the story.

Dying for Fame is Not Inspired by True Events

No, ‘Dying for Fame’ is not based on a true story. Suzanne Egan, who has been involved with other thrillers as a writer such as ‘Sinister Cover-Up,’ ‘Breaking Girl Code,’ and ‘Murder at Blackthorne Manor,’ was responsible for coming up with the suspenseful story, thanks to her experience in the industry, her creative mind, and her brilliant penmanship.

The predominant themes of fake followers of a popular figure and stalking are supposedly inspired by real-life occurrences that have befallen several people in the limelight. It is a fact that social media is full of fake followers and it is highlighted in the Lifetime production through the popular influencer Juliet. As for the latter, it is a much more common issue even among the regular citizens as many of you or someone you know might have been on the receiving end of some sort of stalking.

Not only do these subject matters exist in reality, but they have been a part of the realm of movies for many years as these elements and themes have been touched upon in several film and TV projects. The psychological thriller ‘Watcher,’ co-written and helmed by Chloe Okuno, is one of the aptest examples. Just like ‘Dying for Fame,’ it involves a famous personality — a young actress named Julia — who becomes the subject of stalking when she moves into town with her partner. Soon after the move, she starts noticing a mysterious stranger watching her every move from across the street.

With reports of a serial killer hunting down women and decapitating them in town, Julia is frightened about the prospect that she could be his next target. Despite all the parallels with reality as well as other movies and shows, it doesn’t change the fact that ‘Dying for Fame’ is a work of fiction.

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