Is Lifetime’s Smart Home Killer Inspired by an Actual Couple?

Lifetime’s ‘Smart Home Killer’ is a thriller drama film that takes us into the life of a single mother who ends things with her boyfriend in a bitter manner. Despite the break-up, he keeps bothering her and her daughter, causing her to file a restraining order against him. Even though she thinks it would be for the better, it makes things far worse for the mother-daughter pair. Since the ex-boyfriend is a home security expert who installed her smart home system, he manages to hack into the system easily and control everything in the house, while keeping them as prisoners in their own home.

With Meeshelle Neal at the helm, the Lifetime movie delves into certain realistic themes and subject matters, including the fact that it doesn’t take a lot for a person, with whom you were close, to turn against you and the potential power of AI. Given these seemingly true-to-life elements, it is understandable why many of you might pose the question — Is ‘Smart Home Killer’ based on reality?

Smart Home Killer is Not Based on Real People

No, ‘Smart Home Killer’ is not based on a true story. Mark Sanderson is a multi-talented personality who works as an author, lecturer, blogger, actor, and screenwriter. Previously, he has worked as a writer in several thrillers, including ‘Family Vanished,’ ‘A Night to Regret,’ ‘My Daughter Vanished,’ ‘Mommy’s Little Girl,’ and ‘Stalked By My Ex.’ So, by combining his years of experience in the industry with his creative mind, Sanderson was able to conjure up the enthralling screenplay for the Lifetime film.

Just like the ex-boyfriend in the thriller film, there are people who can’t take denial or rejection in real life as well, which leads to them taking extreme measures. With reality having so many parallels with the storyline and certain character traits, viewers are bound to find ‘Smart Home Killer’ somewhat relatable. However, another reason one might find the themes of the movie familiar is due to the fact that these elements have been explored in several other movies and TV shows. For instance, you can find the theme of a man making life difficult for a mother-daughter pair underlined in the 2014 film ‘A Daughter’s Nightmare.’

Helmed by the duo of Vic Sarin and Vijay Sarin, the mystery thriller drama movie revolves around Ariel Morgan who returns to college after the tragic demise of her father. Meanwhile, her mother Dana crosses paths with a seemingly handsome and sophisticated man named Adam at a grief support group. Claiming to be a nurse with the purest of intentions, Adam’s company makes Dana more isolated and sicker, deteriorating her bond with her daughter.

Suddenly, Dana ends up going missing, after which Ariel must lead the search to find her lost mother and uncover the truth about Adam and his past before time runs out. There are certain resemblances in the storylines of the two movies in question as well as their characters, making them feel similar. Even though ‘Smart Home Killer’ has a seemingly realistic and familiar set of themes, it doesn’t change the fact that it is not rooted in reality.

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