Lonely Crime Fanatic: Is the Lifetime Thriller Based on Reality?

With Kaila York at the helm, Lifetime’s ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic’ is a mystery thriller drama film that acquaints us with a true crime fan who leads a rather lonely life, spending most of her time listening to her favorite true crime podcast. Much to her surprise, she crosses paths with the host of the podcast she is obsessed with. When one thing leads to another and they notice an evident chemistry between themselves, they begin dating. But soon, the obsessed becomes the subject of obsession as it doesn’t take long for their relationship to take a sinister turn.

The podcast host’s fascination with his fan-turned-girlfriend turns into an obsession and he talks about her eventual murder in his new set of episodes. The narrative’s themes and elements, which are consistent with a hint of real life, are brought to life by the stellar performances of some talented actors, including Brenna Skalski, Ian Reier Michaels, Alexandra Ponce, and David Alan Hurt, leaving the viewers with the question — is ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic’ rooted in reality?

Lonely Crime Fanatic is Not Inspired by a True Story

No, ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic’ is not based on a true story but it seems to have been derived from the world of true crime podcasts. The credit for the riveting tale of obsession and true crime must be given to the screenwriter of the thriller who made the most of their creativity and excellent writing skills. Many of you must know about the obsession surrounding true crime in real life, which is brought to life in a dramatized fashion through the Lifetime film. This is one of the reasons why you might have wondered about it being inspired by an actual tale.

Besides the real world, similar themes and subject matters have taken center stage in the world of cinema for several years. There have been multiple films and TV shows that revolve around one’s obsession and the extreme lengths they are willing to go to get what they desire. One of the aptest examples has to be that of the 2019 psychological horror drama film ‘Designed to Kill,’ which is alternately titled ‘Deadly Runway.’

Helmed by Doug Campbell and starring Jamie Luner, Joshua Hoffman, Linsey Godfrey, Maria Pallas, Elle Army, and Stevie Johnson, the narrative focuses on a fashion photographer who sees potential in a nerdy high school student and turns him into a model. During the process of his transformation, her psychotic side takes over as she begins to obsess over him over time. When her urges get out of control, she ends up going to some questionable lengths to appease her desires. Moreover, the 2021 mystery thriller film titled ‘Permitted’ also includes the theme of obsession.

Starring Charla Bocchicchio, William Nicol, Mark Bracich, and Pam Eichner, the Lori Lyle directorial revolves around a teacher who develops an obsessive crush on a co-worker and ends up losing all control while planning to do something to get the attention of everyone. Thus, even though ‘Lonely Crime Fanatic’ possibly takes inspiration from reality, it doesn’t change the fact that the specific tale that it tells is totally fictional.

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