Lifetime’s Friendship Never Dies: Everything We Know

‘Friendship Never Dies’ is a thriller film that revolves around inseparable friends Evelyn and Jenna, who love to be with each other. But Evelyn’s mother, Lucy, is skeptical of their relationship as she believes Jenna is a bit odd. However, when Jenna’s life takes a dark turn and her mother is murdered, Lucy welcomes her with open arms to live with her family so that Jenna can finish senior year. She is later surprised to find out that Jenna’s obsession with her daughter Evelyn is getting out of her hands.

Soon, Lucy starts fearing that she may even lose Evelyn. Thus, begins Lucy’s frantic motherly pursuit of truth, and she eventually begins to doubt that Jenna may have killed her own mother. The captivating story of Lifetime’s ‘Friendship Never Dies’ can keep the viewers on the edge of their seats and arouse curiosity to learn more about its origin, cast, and other details. If you want to know more about the crime-thriller, we may be able to help you. Here’s everything you need to know.

Friendship Never Dies Filming Locations

‘Friendship Never Dies’ was filmed in Georgia. Named after George II of Great Britain, the southeastern US state was founded in the eighteenth century. The varied terrain of the Empire State of the South includes a significant portion of the majestic Appalachian Mountain system, Blue Ridge Mountains, beautiful coastal beaches that attracts filmmakers because of the ideal filming conditions. No wonder, since the 1970s, the state has served as the filming location of over seven hundred television and film production projects.

With its mindblowing record of most featured films produced, Georgia even overtook the center of world cinema, California, in 2016. The Georgia Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment Office appears to have done a tremendous job of promoting the state to bring more filming projects to the state. Several famous movies filmed in the state include ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ ‘Forrest Gump,’ and ‘Black Panther.’ Shooting for the Lifetime film was limited to only one city in the state, so without further ado, let’s learn more about it.

Savannah, Georgia

The shooting for the movie was done entirely in Savannah. The Georgian city is popular for its rich history, antebellum architecture, horse-drawn carriages, and mesmerizing coastal landscapes. Interestingly, during the 1996 Summer Olympics, the coastal city of Savannah hosted sailing competitions. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival is held annually in the Lucas Theatre for the Arts to celebrate cinematic brilliance and creativity. Lauren Buglioli posted some behind-the-scenes pictures on Instagram to express her affection for her co-actors.

Interestingly, Savannah, Georgia, has been a prominent filming location for a long time, and some of the movies filmed there include ‘Glory,’ ‘X-Men: First Class,’ and ‘Magic Mike XXL.’

Friendship Never Dies Cast

The mystery-thriller film stars Lauren Buglioli, who essays the role of Lucy. The actress is popular for Tyler Perry’s soap opera ‘The Oval,’ the drama series ‘Raising Dion,’ and the horror-thriller film ‘Transference.’ Leah Merritt appears as Lucy’s daughter Evelyn. You may recognize her from the television series ‘Insatiable’ or the 2015 documentary ‘Swamp Murders.’ Harlan Drum portrays Evelyn’s best friend, Jenna. The actress is well-known for the 2020 drama-romance ‘Sweet Magnolias’ and the action-adventure series ‘MacGyver.’

Is Friendship Never Dies Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Friendship Never Dies’ is not based on a true story. The story of a teenage girl murdering her mother just because she is obsessed with her best friend and wants to live with her is obviously too dramatic to be true. So, it’s not surprising that none of the people involved in the film have claimed the movie is based on a true story. However, it would be unrealistic to assume that people in real life don’t end up murdering just because they are obsessed with someone.

The brutal murder of Amie Harwick, a sex therapist and former fiancée of Drew Carey, is a somewhat similar example of murder driven by irrational infatuation with another person. Gareth Pursehouse, Amie’s ex-boyfriend has been charged with her murder and is awaiting trial. It has been alleged that Pursehouse wasn’t ready to respect the fact that Amie had moved on, and his obsession with her resulted in him committing the gruesome act of violence.

Although the circumstances are obviously quite different, that doesn’t change the fact that even in real life, obsession can push people to the point that they end up taking someone’s life. Therefore, even if ‘Friendship Never Dies’ is not based on a true story, it shows the harsh realities of real-life that are hard to confront.

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