Lift: Is Sky Suisse a Real Airplane Company?

In Netflix’s heist film ‘Lift,’ Lars Jorgensen transports his half a billion worth of gold to Zürich, Switzerland, through an aircraft of Sky Suisse. The airplane offers a premium experience to the passengers, who include Cyrus, the protagonist of the film, and his team of robbers. As the heist kickstarts, a significant part of the movie is set inside the airplane of Sky Suisse. The elegance of the flight and the ambiance inside it make the company stand out in the film. However, Sky Suisse exists only in the heist thriller!

Sky Suisse is Not a Real Airplane Company

Sky Suisse is a fictional airplane company created by the screenwriter Daniel Kunka for the movie. The word “Suisse” means Switzerland in French, one of the official languages of the country. Since the gold’s intended destination is Switzerland, the airplane company is named after the country. The word “Sky” is a popular name among airplane companies in reality. There are several airline companies whose names start with that word, including Egypt’s Sky Vision Airlines, Mali’s Sky Mali, Cambodia’s Sky Angkor Airlines, Greece’s Sky Express, and the United States’ SkyWest Airlines.

As far as reality is concerned, the only Swiss companies that offer scheduled flights are Chair Airlines, EasyJet Switzerland, Helvetic Airways, and Swiss International Air Lines. Having said that, the particular aircraft model Sky Suisse uses in the film, “A380,” is real. Developed and produced by Airbus, the particular model is the world’s largest and most spacious passenger aircraft operating today. According to Airbus, A380 has flown over 800,000 flights, carrying more than 300 million passengers since it was introduced.

The prominent users of A380 include the United Arab Emirates’ Emirates, the Republic of Singapore’s Singapore Airlines, the United Kingdom’s British Airways, and Germany’s Lufthansa. Like Sky Suisse’s airplane in the film, Emirates’ A380-800 offers several luxurious features. The main attractions are private suites, two shower-equipped toilets and spa, a bar area, and a lounge. The business class of the same airplane includes personal minibars. Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system ICE is also added for a premium experience. British Airways, on the other hand, offers private suites, wide entertainment screens, and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

In addition to an engaging thriller, ‘Lift’ is an appealing movie. The film was shot in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy, with additional scenes filmed in Northern Ireland and London, England. The attention to detail when it comes to how the film “looks” is evident in the premium design of the fictional Sky Suisse’s airplane as well.

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