Lina Sardar Khil’s Family Misses Her Even Today

In ‘Never Seen Again,’ the world gets to know the story of the disappearance of Lina Sardar Khil. The story is covered in episodes 5 and 6 of the show’s fifth season under the title of ‘Lina Sardar Khil – No Safe Haven.’ The impact that this particular disappearance has had on those close to young girls has been well detailed in the series to the viewers. This is especially true for Riaz Khil and Zarmeena Sardar Khil, Lina’s parents, who have often expressed their desire to be reunited with their daughter. The heartfelt expressions of the family have earned them much support from all who have heard their story.

Riaz Khil Works as a Truck Driver

A former member of the Afghan forces, Riaz Khil used to work alongside the US and moved to San Antonio, Texas, in 2019 with his family. Holding a Special Immigration Visa as a refugee, his services have gained him the commendation of many, though Riaz himself seems focused on his family. As such, the disappearance of his daughter, Lina Sardar Khil, on December 20, 2021, seems to have shaken the war veteran to the core.

Riaz has spoken to the public numerous times in hopes of getting his daughter back. He has even responded to the conspiracies, stating that he might have been involved in Lina’s disappearance.. To such speculations, he stated that the idea seems far-fetched because he certainly did not have any need for money to barter away his daughter, as some people have accused him of. Instead, he has been firm that his earnings as a truck driver are enough for him and his family.

On more than one occasion during his time in the Paramount+ documentary, Riaz seemed overwhelmed when talking about Lina. He claimed that he cherished her as his firstborn and adored her as the light of his life. Riaz’s words have helped him gain sympathy from many, especially those who remain appreciative of his work as a former man of service. The Afghan immigrant did seem hesitant about the theories that someone living in his local community might be behind Lina’s disappearance, though his own priority remains the return of his daughter.

In fact, Riaz shared that he wants his two sons, both of whom were born after Lina, to go into law enforcement. The Afghan man hoped that they would be either able to find his sister or learn just how all of this had happened. Now working as a truck driver, Riaz does seem devastated by the fact that he had come to the US for a hopefully better life and has now lost his beloved daughter, who would have turned six on February 20, 2024.

Zarmeena Sardar Khil Continues to Miss Her Daughter

Since the disappearance of Lina Sardar Khil, her mother, Zarmeena Sardar Khil has expressed just how much she has been hurting over her daughter’s disappearance. In February 2022, she was pregnant with her third child while still yearning for her firstborn. The Aghan immigrant speaks the Pashton language and often prefers not to appear in public, seemingly due to traditional religious practices. However, her concerns have not remained unheard by the world, as Zarmeena continues to regret that she had taken her eyes off her daughter and, hence, seemingly not seen what happened to her.

Lina Sardar Khil

“I was on the scene when she disappeared. Why didn’t I do more for her not to be out of sight. FBI and police are involved, and they didn’t find anything. Inside, she is feeling very sad sorrowful, and she may go crazy without her,” Zarmeena’s words to Fox 29 were translated from Pashto. She went on to give a message to her daughter, which said, “We are very sad you are not with us, and we want you back in our home and in our lives, and we are missing you, and we are trying our best to get you back home.” Now, she is helping raise her two sons while continuing to hold out hope for his daughter.

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